Have you seen The latest HTC 10 SmArtPhone? Its Long!

This few days we have seen plenty of HTC 10 press renders, this is the upcoming flagship device of the company.
Fresh HTC 10 Photo Revealed
But this time, the actual raw photo of the upcoming flagship device hit the mark in the web. Always keep in mind that images are the actual representation of the device and this is much better than just renders, this one show off its actual picture with accurate details not noticeable to the digital renders.

So the latest photo that was posted on Twitter ignites questions like, what to expect with latest HTC device besides from its full metal cover. But for sure the company is embracing its brand new device with features and innovations that what market wants to be on a mobile device.
For speculation, it will be more interesting if the latest flagship device of HTC will have its actual software features like what OnePlus did on their official release.
The photos says it all, in the end actual handset experience matters at all. In the next days we will be creating actual hands on with the latest device in order to give the community a clue of what the latest device could possibly offer.

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