How To Change Imel Number for Infinix, Techno, Injoo, Huawei, Lenovo, Gionee 2016

Now that someone would like to change Imel Number on android Phone to that of a Blackberry and everyone is billed for it, I am going to make it free to everyone!
So if you have been searching for how to do just that, you're welcome to the right source!

To begin with, you need to understand that Imel tweaking might not work on all devices, even though the device in your hand is MTK like Gionee, Techno, Infinix, Itel, Lenovo, Mediacom, Obitel, just name it! I often find it hard tweaking Imel number on most gionee and Itel devices but that is no longer a problem! 

If you have infinix, techno, and other devices apart from gionee, follow these steps below and enjoy!

1. Generate Imel number using BBGen
2. Download and install MTK Engineering Mode
3. Install the MtK engineering Mode
4. Run the app mention in 3 above
5. Click on MTK SETTINGS
You'll see a heading showing telephony, slide the screen to another heading with COnnectivity title.
6. Click on CDS information
7. Click on Radio information
Select Sim 1 or Sim 2 ( depending on the language of your device, other device would show phone 1 and Phone 2)
Now you'll see (AT+)
Click on it and press space
Delete the space to see options like
The first line with at+egmr=1,7"" means the first sim or sim1 
While the second line refers to sim 2 or Phone 2
8. Place the cursor between the + and E and press space.
9. Place the cursor between the two "" and type in the Imel number you've generated from step 1 above!
10. Press on SEND AT COMMAND

You'll get an echo message "AT command is Msent"
Now you're done!

The next thing is to enter the connectivity setting on your device and set a new APN to "
Use Glo as setting name!

The next is to walk into any recharge card sales outlet and buy N1400 worth of Glo Card and load onto your sim!

Head to message and type "Comonth" and send to "777"
You can start surfing immediately in most cases especially if you've been using Glo subscription on the sim before otherwise, wait for some minute for the subscription to be fully activated!

You can share to your neibors, enemies, laptop, iPad, iPhone and enjoy till your megabyte runs out!

Hope you enjoyed it?

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