Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to use Sensors made by Sony

Just yesterday, we read a report pointing about Samsung’s flagship device. According to the data that we manage to gather, people start to notice the differences of the device performance in terms of the GPU between Exynos and Snapdragon that was equipped on Galaxy S7 and Edge smartphones.
Samsung Galaxy S7 and Edge Using Different Camera And Sensors
Another thing was that, slight differences on camera performance were noticed too. There was a thread posted on XDA Developers that shows some S7 and S7 Edge models using Sony’s made sensor, while devices using Samsung’s camera sensors.

It is really worth nothing both cameras that boast the same capture resolution, the features and the video recording. As of today there were no concrete evidences that can confirm that the other sensors are better than the other one.
What more interesting with this issue was that, there was no clear pattern of which version of the rumored device has the type of sensors being installed, quite a number of Exynos models have Samsung sensors installed inside, but some found using sensors by Sony.

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