HTC Set to Launch 2 New Nexus Devices

On the last report that we posted, it suggested that Google wants to implement tighter control over its Nexus device program, bringing devices in line with Pixel series.
HTC To Produce two Nexus devices The M1 and S1 For Google
Unlike the Nexus series, Google devised a pixel device without aid of third party. This brand new approach explains how the giant company Google exercised its tighter control of the Nexus designs even in the foregoing phone branding partner.

While lack of device branding, this could prove a problematic scenario for HTC, a popular company that is now fighting to make Smartphones become popular again, it makes with company’s current design approach. HTC 10 may not have exciting feature that user can imagine, but it has the most minimal custom UI’s on the mobile device in the market.
Most Android users who look on Nexus devices will then take a minimal bloat ware over some features. HTC has its amazing design with lighter touch, it was the best poised for this year’s Nexus.
This might be a throwback for the HTC devices aside from producing the first ever Nexus, the company outsourced its hardware manufacturing on other company before getting into its Smartphone.
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