Unlimited Whatsap, Eskimi, WeChat, 2go, Twitter Weekly and Monthly Plans for Just N25 And N60 Respectively


The truth is that Our smartPhones are not complete without any of the Apps listed Below because they spice up the day and eliminate Boredom. But some times, because of the Nature of the Economy of Our Country Nigeria, Every body is trying to avoid unnecessary spendings-saving the little cash for the capital Needs. No wonder Nigeria's MTN has introduced The GoodyBag Offer for everyone.

The GoodyBag is a social Plan designed to allow every subscriber on smartphone have the best of his/her social Apps with just a little Cash.

Just Imagine Whatsapping for a whole Month with just N60. An amount that is not even enough to buy your Gum for a day, but just enough to help you stay in touch with loved ones for through out the Month.

Below is a list of Apps running on Our SmartPhones and the subscription Codes as well as the Subscription Cost.
Facebook Weekly N25 Text FBW to 131
Facebook Monthly N60 Text FBM to 131
Twitter Weekly N25 Text TTW to 131
Twitter Monthly N60 Text TWTM to 131
Eskimi Weekly N25 Text ESKW to 131
Eskimi Monthly N60 Text ESKM to 131
2GO Weekly N25 Text 2GOW to 131
2GO Monthly N60 Text 2GOM to 131
Nimbuzz Weekly N25 Text NIMW to 131
Nimbuzz Monthly N60 Text NIMM to 131
WeChat Weekly N25 Text WCW to 131
WeChat Monthly N60 Text WCM to 131
Whatsapp Weekly N25 Text WAW to 131
Whatsapp Monthly N60 Text WAM to 131
Or Dial *662# to select your preferred GoodyBag Bundle.

Please share with Your Loved ones and make their life easy!

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