IF YOU have tecno android phone and wants to surf for free without paying a dime to MTN, 

This Post is for you... it will also work for those with Symbian and java phones


Port:- 80

APN:- blackberry. net

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Learn How MTN XtraPro Tariff Plan Outshines Better Talk Tariff Plan

How How to Enjoy Cheap Calls On MTN without BetterTalk Plan

I know for over a year, Nigerians, being freebie lovers have unknowingly earned Billions for MTN all in the name of MTN batter Talk!

Here, I am going to try to explain why you must avoid "MTN Better Talk" Tariff plan.

Just observe!

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Another Huawei Smartphone With 3500mAh Battery- Huawei Honor V8

This is a very Great news for all Huawei Brand Loyalists especially as the company keeps dropping SmartPhones with greater Capability than usual. Talking about SmartPhones, Huawei Mobiles has just released another Android device that would no doubt leave you No choice other than to drop the old one you're using and upgrade to a newer one.

Here are the Specs and Cost of Huawei's Honor V8 SmartPhone:

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Airtel Free Facebook Now Works for Unlimited Downloads

Psiphon powers the Airtel free Facebook browsing cheat to browse and download for free on your device with 0.00k. The tweak is currently working on all Airtel sims and is worth the try. This psiphon and Netloop settings for Airtel free facebook powers all apps.
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MTN 1gig For N200

MTN is here again with another amazing night which serves better as the new MTN 500MB for just N25 midnight plan.
you can also use the data bundle for, live streaming, heavy download, normal download etc. MTN got you covered with suitable data packages.
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Amazing Data Offers For All MTN Subscribers

Amazing Data Offers For All MTN Subscribers

MTN as the Most Powerful Network In Nigeria is set to roll out 4G LTE Service in Nigeria come July 2016 and in order to fully enjoy the 4G Service, MTN is focused on unleashing amazing data offers to its Subscribers. 
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How To Root Tecno Canon C8 Running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

How To Root Tecno Canon C8 Running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Everybody is very happy to have a feel of the latest version of Google's android and i know Tecno Users, especially those with device running on marshmallow 6.0 would be among the first set of users to get the Update.

I know you will like to root your Tecno-C8 Running on Android version 6.0, probably because you want to explore more, but the last OS, Android M is very stubborn when it comes to rooting, because the popular and easiest apps such as Kingroot, Vroot, Framaroot, Tecnoroot, Rootgenius etc., not working for it. The below tutorial will guide the Tecno Camon C8 users to Root their Smartphone.
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This Apple's OS X Feature would Allow You Lock Mac Using An iPhone's Touch Id

The popular mobile maker Apple is now working on a feature for OS X that allows Mac computers be unlocked using iPhone’s Touch ID via fingerprint reader.
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Best Tarif And Data Plans For Visafone Subscribers

Best Tariff And Data Plans For Visafone Subscribers

Now that MTN has taken over Visafone's space in the Nigerian Telecoms Industry, a lot of visafone Loyal Customers who would rather stay with the Brand than go for other brands still wonders if the former Tariff and data Plans would still hold for them. Others worry if their Device Attached Data Plans will still be accessible since MTN has taken Over.

well, Here are a list of Availabe Voice and Data Plans available On the Visafone Netork.

Voice Plans (Plans that would enable you make Voice calls on the network)

Talk smart

This package enables you as a customer call at an affordable rate of 10k/sec and 20k/sec for on-net/off-net calls respecively. Customers are also to pay a daily rental fee of N5.
To Migrate, Simply Dial *444*127#
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(FAQ) Migrating From Visafone2MTN %Questions You Want To Ask & Answers

What is Visafone Customer Migration?
Visafone customer migration is a simple process of migration that allows all VISAFONE numbers work on the MTN network and function as a GSM service.
As a Visafone customer, why do I need to do this customer migration to MTN?
You will be required to perform the migration because VISAFONE is now owned by MTN and all VISAFONE lines now be powered MTN.
Will I be required to change my number?
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Do Know That You Can Actually Read A Whatsapp Message Without The Sender Knowing You've Read It?

Do Know You Can Actually Read A Whatsapp Message Without The Sender Knowing You've Read It?

Whatsapp? Yes! The messaging App that allows you stay connected with friends, family,colleagues, even your own rivals. This application which runs on almost all devices on the earth today (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc) has a way of letting you know when a message you sent has been read by the recipient or the person you've sent it to.
This is done when you see "Two Blue Tick" next to the message. That's for a read message anyways.

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Easy Steps To Unlock Your at&t iPhone Device and Use Other SIMs On It

AT&T Unlock

Unlike Verizon which unlocks all its 4G devices, AT&T still locks its iPhones to its network. This means you cannot take your AT&T iPhone, drop in a T-Mobile SIM and expect it work. Before you can bring that iPhone to a new carrier domestically or overseas, you have to meet the minimum criteria and go through AT&T’s official channels to unlock the device. Want to find out if your iPhone is unlocked? And how to unlock it if it is locked? Read on for information on unlocking your iPhone on AT&T’s network.
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Steps To Take If You Ever Loose Your MAC

Sometimes you've actually worked to the extent you were so tired and forgot your Briefcase containing your Mac On a Cab or at a Shop and would want to make it difficult for anyone who's found it or stole it gain access to some data you might have inside?

You'd love to know how best you can track the stolen MAC?
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Tutorial: How to Subscribe To Airtel BIS Plan And Use On A PC And Other Devices

Airtel 3GB bis plan of N1,500 has been a live time saver for Airtel lovers to surf on their PC, Android and other devices while Airtel 3GB bis plan of N1,000 rendered useless, because lots of people subscribed to it and they were unable used it on their Smartphones/PC, it was limited to Blackberry device only.
I’m glad to inform you that, you can now enjoy this bis plan on your Android device and PC. It is time to save your N500 and use N1000 only to subscribe to 3GB data, instead of using N1,500 to get 3GB, the plan is working better on Android devices, also works for PC and other devices with the aid of tethering.
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List Of Etisalat Internet Plant Subscription Codes And Cost

When Comparing internet speed among the internet providers in Nigeria, Etisalat is one of the strongest of all, etisalat data plans are actually the most expensive data services in the country because of the amazing speed of internet connection they provide to it users. Etisalat has all over the Globe, shown its subscribers that there is actually more gain in spending for the right thing at the right time and for the best reason. Buying etisalat Internet bundles is one good reason to spend.
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How To Get Airtel 4GB and 6GB Data For N1500 and 2500 With Free N2600 and N3900 Airtime

Airtel seems to be Rocking the Nigerian Telecoms market especially as it has been identified as the only telecoms company dishing out useful internet packages to suit the needs of its customers. Today, we will be talking about Airtel's Latest Data plans that would leave everyone wishing they only had airtel sim. 

I know other users like myself would be wondering why other telecoms companies like Glo, Etisalat, MTN And several others in the nigerian telecomsphere are not doing anything possible to outshine Airtel from the Game.
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Huawei P9 Plus SmartPhone-The Pice and specs

Huawei P9 Plus
Despite the Global economic stories, a lot of Mobile phone makers like Huawei are still able to spice up a product that is almost capable of doing what the human eye can do! This Huawei P9 Plus definitely has a lot of good things that would make you want to take a loan just to have a feel of it.

It Came with A 3400mAh Battery, android 6.0 and other interesting capabilities that will make you wish you had it already!

Read more of the specs below!
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WhatsApp Now Has a Desktop App, Available on Windows, OS X

whatsapp for windows ox x

Information reaching headof's Blog has just confirmed that WhatsApp is now also available as a native desktop app on Windows and OS X, the Facebook-owned instant messaging and voice calling company announced. The app supports desktop notifications, keyboard shortcuts and a range of other features. For the desktop app to function, users still need to have their phone connected to the Internet.
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HTC 10 Specifications, Features And Price

It's easy to write off HTC. With its declining market share and shrinking revenue, it's been some time since it was a major force in the mobile world. Today, the Taiwanese firm is outspent by Samsung and Apple, and increasingly outmaneuvered by leaner upstarts. It's a small fish in a very big pond.
HTC 10 Review
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Meet The Latest OnePlus 3 SmarPhone and Specs

CNET en Espanol got an exclusive interview with OnePlus Co-founder Carl Pei. While he didn't disclose any details about the design of the OnePlus 3, Mr Pei did disclose an estimated launch date; the end of the second quarter of 2016.
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Meet Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Active with 4100mAh Battery

Ahead of Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked 2015 event last week, there were rumours that the company may pack a huge 4100mAh battery in the Galaxy Note 5 to handle the QHD display. However, the rumour turned out to be incorrect as the company's latest Galaxy Note-series handset featured only a 3000mAh battery.
Now, a new leak has tipped that the company may fit the 4100mAh battery into the Samsung Galaxy Note 5's rugged variant, likely to be launched as the Galaxy Note 5 Active in November. PhoneArena reports that the new Galaxy Note 5 variant may arrive in week 46, which begins from November 8, or the second-week of the month. Adding further, the report citing a tipster claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Active will be made available exclusively on AT&T, similar to the Galaxy S6 Active.
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BBM Video Calling Now Available In US And Canada

Recently BlackBerry rolled out other device capabilities for Android users in United States and Canada, introducing the BBM video calling features. The rollout was part of BBM testing and at this moment this update is not available for compatible handsets but soon after the beta testing and applies fixes, then it should be available soon.
BlackBerry Video Calling For Android Now Rolling Out
A quick note for our reader, the company was limiting its availability for the BBM video calling for this time for them to easily adjust the bugs and errors. 

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Latest MTN Blackberry Subscription for z10, z30,z3, Q10 ETC Listed

While MTN subscribers on blackberry OS 6-7.1 devices are enjoying their codes to BIS subscription on MTN, I feel its time for those using OS 10 blackberry devices to get theirs also so they can enjoy along with OS 7.

Now here is a table with a list of subscription codes for blackberry os 10 users.

BB 10 MAXI Monthly 3000 BBMAXIM 1.5GB
BB 10 MAXI Weekly 1100 BBMAXIW 350MB
BB 10 MIDI Monthly 1500 BBMIDIM 500MB
BB 10 MIDI Weekly 500 BBMIDIW 125MB
BB 10 LITE Monthly 1000 BBLITEM 260MB
BB 10 LITE Weekly 500 BBLITEW 70MB
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Do You Know Your Arm Could Become a Touch Screen? Read About The Latest Skin Track Project

touch skin Smartwatch

Researchers at Future Interfaces Group at Carnegie Mellon University recently came up with a new technology that turns skin into a touch sensor.
The smart Market is condemsed with Small wearable devices -- such as smartwatches and digital jewelry --which are fast becoming viable computing platforms ... however, their small size severely limits the user experience," the researchers wrote.
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This Huawei Honor 5C LTE Is Tha Bomb- Came With Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Huawei is really making waves in the mobile market especially here in the US and Africa! Here is another Huawei's breath snatching SmartPhone, explicitly made for the smart! Enjoy the specs below
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Enjoy 1.3 and 3.75 Gigabytes of Data For N1000 and N2000 From MTN


As the market keeps growing, Nigeria's Mobile network Providers keeps introducing more plans that will enhance sales since they are easily affordable to customers.

It is the desire to make you a better customer that MTN, Nigeria's Telecoms Giant has decided to create these latest offers.

Yes! MTN has just added another 2 internet data plans for subscribers


You can Now have the option to Purchase 1.3 Gigabytes and 3.75 Gigabytes with just N1000 and N2000 respectively.

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How To Enjoy Android Apps On Blackberry 10 Devices By installing Google PlayStore

GooglePlay On Blackberry q10

Android is indeed one of the greatest Creations Google has ever Made! Its So Full of Apps that would make you never want to give away your device.

But What if your Device is not Android? If your Device Runs on Blackberry Os like BB10, can You still Enjoy Android Apps On it?

The Answer To That Question is a "YES"

You can use android Apps on your Blackberry devices running the BB10.3 or 10.2x Operating system.


These devices include: Blackerry Z10 (Blackberry OS version), Classic, Leap, Passport, Z30, Q10, Q5 and Z3.

How Do I Achieve This?

You Must Download These Three files on the Blackberry device.

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