(FAQ) Migrating From Visafone2MTN %Questions You Want To Ask & Answers

What is Visafone Customer Migration?
Visafone customer migration is a simple process of migration that allows all VISAFONE numbers work on the MTN network and function as a GSM service.
As a Visafone customer, why do I need to do this customer migration to MTN?
You will be required to perform the migration because VISAFONE is now owned by MTN and all VISAFONE lines now be powered MTN.
Will I be required to change my number?
No, you are not required to change your number. Your VISAFONE number will be retained on the MTN network.
What will happen to my tariff plan for data or voice?

All tariff plan and data bundle packages will remain unique to VISAFONE.
Where can I go to do the SIM migration?
You can visit any MTN or VISAFONE Retail shops nearest to you to perform the migration process.
How much does it cost to do the migration to MTN?
The Migration process and New SIM Card are FREE of charge.
How long will the migration process take to be activated on MTN network?
Migration process is instant but your line will be expected to be active on the MTN Network within 24 hours of activation.
Do I expect any further service distruption afterward as a result of the migration?
No, we do not expect any further service disruption however, if you do experience disruption for any reason, you can always let our Customer Care Representatives know, they will be glad to help you restore your service promptly.
What are the requirement for the migration process?
The following details will be required from you to validate ownership of the line before a Migration is done on any VISAFONE number

  • Duly filled Migration form (to be provided to customer on visit).

  • An active VISAFONE MSISDN.

  • Three (3) frequently dialled numbers.

  • A Valid ID card – International Passport (Data Page), Driver’s license, National ID, Voters Card, etc.

  • VISAFONE SIM or Starter Pack/kits (Optional).

  • Last recharge and activation date (optional).

  • Can I send somebody to do the migration on my behalf?
    No, you cannot. PROXY Migration process is not allowed.
    My Visafone SIM card is lost or stolen but I know the number, I want to do Visafone migration to MTN, what do I do?
    Your VISAFONE SIM card is a requirement for you to do VISAFONE to MTN MIGRATION, however, we will be required to do a strict security check of other details on the line before your Migration can be considered. This is at the discretion of the customer care representative and based on your response to all security details.
    What do I do if I don’t have a valid ID?
    It is very important you have a valid ID as specified, however, you may be required to provide a sworn court affidavit to be further validated with your SIM registration detail available on VISAFONE SIM registration database.
    Will I be able to retain my services on MTN?
    Yes, you will be able to access and retain your service. MTN GSM network support both Voice and Data services.
    What will happen to my Visafone airtime balance after the migration to MTN?
    You will not be able to retain your airtime balance, however you will be duly compensated after your SIM migration is done.
    What will happen to my Visafone data balance after the migration to MTN?
    You will not be able to retain your data balance, however you will be duly compensated after your SIM migration is done with the appropriate validity period.
    Will I be able to subscribe to MTN product & service once the migration process is completed?

    No, you will only be able to subscribe to only Services designed for VISAFONE customers for Voice and Data. MTN VAS services will be available for all Visafone numbers.
    Do I have to perform SIM registration?
    Yes, to be sure we have your full details on our system in compliance to regulatory requirement.
    Since Visafone SIM are CDMA compatible, will my existing CDMA devices or handset work with the MTN SIM?
    No, MTN SIMs will only work with a GSM compatible device or handset. However, some CDMA devices or handset are compatible with GSM SIMs.
    How do I know if my CDMA device or handset is also compatible with GSM SIM?
    This is dependent on the type of device or handset you have, however, you can check the network options on the device or handset to select available network support options.
    Will MTN provide me with a GSM compatible device?
    MTN will not be providing you a GSM compatible device, however, MTN has made adequate provision for a substantial airtime bonus compensation into your line after migration.
    How can I get a GSM compatible phone to buy?
    We have range of phones/handsets available in-store to buy. The Customer Care Representatives will be glad to assist you to make the best of choice.
    How do I have access to MTN product and service details?
    The Customer Care Representative will also be available to assist you but for quick and details access to Visafone Product and Services, you can visit: www.visafone.com.ng
    If I need service support and I need to speak to a customer care rep, what do I do?
    To speak to a customer care representative, simply dial 222. You will be assisted.
    What time of the day can I call 222?
    The 222 helpdesk works 24hours, 7 days a week. You can call at your most convenient time and be sure you will get help.
    I have a Visafone recharge vourcher(s), will I be able to use it after migration to MTN?
    No, you will not be able to use your VISAFONE recharge voucher on MTN.
    Which recharge airtime vouchers will I be able to use after migration to MTN?
    You will be able to recharge with MTN recharge cards (VTU or Logical or Physical recharge voucher).
    What airtime value will I get if I rechage with MTN voucher?
    You will get same value of any denomination purchased.
    Will I be charged based on MTN service tarrifs?
    No, you will be charged based on Visafone product and service tariff plans, remember you will retain your Visafone tariff and remains as Visafone line.
    What code will I use to recharge?
    You can simply dial *555* Recharge pin # and Send.
    What code will I use to check my airtime balance?
    You can simply dial *556# and send.
    How do I check my bonus airtime balance?
    You can simply dial *556# to check your bonus.
    Once I swap my line to MTN, will I be eligible to port my number to any other GSM network provider anytime?
    No, Visafone line will not be able to do porting.
    After swaping to MTN, if I don’t use my line for a period of time will I be disconnected?
    Yes, we operate in accordance to NCC guideline to discount all dormant lines within a period of 90 days but not more than 120days off the network.
    What do I do if I travelled for a long period?
    You can subscribe to our product called “keep my number”, which allows you extend your dormancy period for you to 1year.
    How do I subcribe to that and what does it cost?
    You can simply dial *365*1# OR SEND KMN to 36500. This service cost N500.00 yearly.
    Will I be able to take part in any MTN promos and free offers once swapped to MTN network?
    No, you may not be eligible to take part in any MTN promos except promotion targeted at Visafone customer.
    Will my network reception still be restricted to only where Visafone has network coverage?
    No, you will have access to MTN extensive network coverage Nationwide.
    What other benefit do I enjoy for migrating to MTN
    Below are some benefit you will enjoy:

  • You will now have access to use your Visafone line wherever MTN network is available.

  • Access to over 160 million MTN customers.

  • Expanded access to MTN wide roaming partnership.

  • You will retain your MSISDN and Tariff plans.

  • You will have access to be served at all the over 400 MTN service touch point nationwide.

  • What are the current voice and data plans available?
    See below data and voice plans. More enriching tariffs maybe available soon

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