How To Get Airtel 4GB and 6GB Data For N1500 and 2500 With Free N2600 and N3900 Airtime

Airtel seems to be Rocking the Nigerian Telecoms market especially as it has been identified as the only telecoms company dishing out useful internet packages to suit the needs of its customers. Today, we will be talking about Airtel's Latest Data plans that would leave everyone wishing they only had airtel sim. 

I know other users like myself would be wondering why other telecoms companies like Glo, Etisalat, MTN And several others in the nigerian telecomsphere are not doing anything possible to outshine Airtel from the Game.

This is all about the 4GB and 6GB Data For N1500 and 2500. On Activation, you'd also get Free N2600 and N3900 Airtime. 

When I first saw this I actually opened my mouth and saw it has too good to be true but I can say that its so true and it works for all devices that uses the internet (Including the dongles, Symbian devices, Android, Iphone, But Blackberries that are not Android Based may find it difficult using this Plan)

So i am going to break it down for your own understanding. I must once again say that AIRTEL is really the smartphone network with these amazing offers.

Airtel is actually giving the following below…

For N1,500 you get = 4GB of data and N2,600 of Airtime

For N2,500 you get = 6GB of data and N3,900 of Airtime

Please Note that this offer is only available to new customers as old customers may be asked to go get a new sim.

Lets assume you have gotten a new SIM and you have also registered it which makes it fully operational. Now we can bounce to know how we can get this 4GB and 6GB Data For N1,500 and 2,500 With Free N2,600 and N3,900 Airtime respectively.

How To Get 4GB and Free N2,600 For N1,500

Please try this on your newly registered sim and recharge N1,500 using this format *555*rechargePIN# and after doing so you should get Free 1GB and Free N2,600 while still having your N1,500 intact on your sim.

Now, you need to use the N1,500 recharged on your sim to subscribe for a normal data plan which will give 3GB!! so all you have to do is dial *440*16# and you will get a notification message of your 3GB.

Addition of the Free 1GB + 3GB= 4GB with the free N2,600. That how it is done easily
How To Get 6GB and Free N3,900 for N2,500

On your newly registered SIM recharge N2,500 using this format *555*rechargePIN# and after you recharge you will get free 1.5GB and Free N3,900 while your N2,500 is still intact on your sim.

Now, you need to use the N2,500 recharged on your sim to subscribe for 4.5GB by dailing *437*1# and you should receive a notification about your subscriptions.

Adding the Free 1.5GB + 4.5GB = 6GB with the free N3,900.

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