Learn How MTN XtraPro Tariff Plan Outshines Better Talk Tariff Plan

How How to Enjoy Cheap Calls On MTN without BetterTalk Plan

I know for over a year, Nigerians, being freebie lovers have unknowingly earned Billions for MTN all in the name of MTN batter Talk!

Here, I am going to try to explain why you must avoid "MTN Better Talk" Tariff plan.

Just observe!

Better talk offers 200% bonus right?
This implies that when you recharge #100, you're given #200 additional bonus making a total of #300 abi?

Now how do you spend this?

MTN better talk charges about #0.40/second
This means when you make calls, you pay  #24 every minute
Meaning the #300 they gave you on loading #100 card would allow you talk for 12.50 ( twelve Minutes, 50 seconds)

Now there is a new Plan Its called "MTN ExtraPro"
Its a replacement for MTN smoothtalk...
It charges 0.11 KB/second ( Eleven Kobo per second)

Now let's load the same #100 you used while on MTN Better Talk

On loading the #100, you get no bonus, but you'll be able to talk for  15:15 ( fifteen Minutes, fifteen seconds)

Meaning you actually gain more on the Extrapro plan right?

Now if you like this plan and would love to enjoy with me, simply dial *123#,  select TARIFF PLAN MIGRATION, select Extra Pro by punching on 2 and then send!
Or send and SMS "401" to 131

You're now good to go! This is Buhari Era, we have to adopt the British kind of lifestyle where every Penny Matters!

Hope you enjoy it?

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