This Apple's OS X Feature would Allow You Lock Mac Using An iPhone's Touch Id

The popular mobile maker Apple is now working on a feature for OS X that allows Mac computers be unlocked using iPhone’s Touch ID via fingerprint reader.

The recent information was according to the latest report from MacRumors. So this mentioned rumor was about auto-unlock feature that will be included in the next Mac OS refresh expected to arrive this June at Apple’s WWDC.
The upcoming unlock feature will rely on Bluetooth LE, similar to the process of iPhone unlocking without asking the pass code on watch screen.
This new features sounds awful like Knock; this was a Mac up that lets a user to unlock a Mac. The software will work by installing the app on the computer itself; put the password and the gesture either to the watch screen or to the phone in order to initiate the device unlocking.

Apple’s unlocking solution may be streamlined, alleviating a need to install app and making it an option in settings panel of the device. The release of this feature would remove the install of biometric identifiers within the Mac computers as what PC makers done.

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