(See Free Browsing) Airtel 2Gb for #200, 4GB for #400

I am beginning to Enjoy this Competition among all Nigerian Network Providers!
It Started with Airtel, MTN and Etisalat currently air their Almost Beef Ads across the Nigerian Television Networks! After those ads, they started dishing out cheap Data Plans for every subscriber with a smartphone. 
Glo users now enjoy a huge 6gigabyte data with just #2000 ( Much to download and share)
Now Airtel has made it all cheap for us all. Enjoy this data plan from AIRTEL 2GB goes for Just 200naira..
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HTC one X9 Reviews and Specs

For the record, the Taiwanese company HTC has not stopped from introducing new Smartphone in the mobile market including its latest HTC flagship device for 2016.
HTC m9
The company has developed Desire range device for Indian consumers and now the company is attempting to offer One series device in similar market price bracket.
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Finally, Techno Reveal Price Of Camon C9

Finally, the price for Tecno's Latest Canon C9 has been revealed by the makers! This is expected to be the selling price for all dealers and wholesalers like Jumia, Konga, Yudala, eye
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Vodafone Smart Ultra 7 Smartphone Specs

Ever met the latest Vodafone Smart Utra 7 device?
This post will tell you all you need to know about the latest creation form the stables of vodafone!
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Etisalat BBLited Now Rocks On Psiphone

Hey guys, its been a while we enjoyed free browsing and unlimited downloads right ?
Today am going to show you how to rock Etisalat BBLITE plan unlimited!
Lets Rock
Choose and subscribe to the plan with the code below
***Monthly: N1000 *599*2#
***Weekly: N350 *599*2*1#
***Daily: N70 *599*2*2#
***Go to your Phone setting APN and
use the below setting to set it up
APN: blackberryx.net
Proxy: Empty
Port: Empty
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Do You Know The Difference Between MOTO G4 and G4Plus

When Lenovo unveiled its latest Moto G products in mid-May, we were surprised to see the company release two variants of the fourth generation smartphone, the Moto G4 and G4 Plus (along with a smaller, lower-cost Moto G Play that we haven't seen yet). Aimed at different markets and price points, the two devices are identical in all but three ways, but those differences are significant.

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Xiaomi Redmi 3S Smartphone Specs and Review

This is another fascinating device from Xiaomi, this one actually has an inbuilt non renewable 4100mAh Battery which is quite enough for android users,
It also has a fingerprint scanner which brings it a bit closer to e iPhone Class of devices!

Keep on scrolling to see more interesting facts about this Device
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Xiaomi User: Read About The Upcoming Xiaomi Redmi 3X

After it made the Redmi 3s official on Tuesday, Xiaomi apparently felt on a roll and today the Redmi 3X is also a thing. Frankly, this whole naming mess appears to be getting out of hand and if the recent Meizu m3s isn't enough to get you confused, various other makers are also more than happy to provide their own variations on a "3" and and "s" in the title. Oh and then there is the "x" moniker that is also big this year. But, we digress.

In Xiaomi's defense, the Redmi 3X isn't exactly new so much as a China Unicom specific version of the Redmi 3s. The specs on the two versions are virtually identical. Both offer a 5-inch, 720p display, octa-core
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If You Had Fun With Techno Canon C8, it would Surely Be More Fun With Canon C9

Yes in deed, those currently using the previously made canon C8 from Techno would be forced to Abandon their ever treasured device in search of a better one!

They may not change their taste of brand, but what I am sure is a taste of Device. This is because of How sophisticated the C9 is!
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Seen This Vodafone Smart Platinum 7? It Has 16MP Camera

Vodafone Has Made another Smartphone, this time, its called Vodafone Smart Platinum 7 and i am going to give a very brief summary of all its specs.

The Vodafone Smart Platinum 7 is a very slim device having a thickness of 7mm,weighs about 155 grams, it reads on a 5.5 inch Screen, having a 16 MP Rear Camera with a nicely built 8MP Selfie Camera.

it Runs on a 3GB Random Access Memory (RAM) Snapdragon 652 and also powered with a 3000mAh Battery.
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Xiaomi Redmi S Smartphone Specs and Review

Seems Like there is a Kind of Fight between Gionee and Xiaomi! This June, these smartphone makers has released more Phone than expected by any other smartphone maker! 

Now this is the latest Xiaomi  Redmi 3S Smartphone i must say its one of the nicest devices ever made this June By the Company especially as it runs on a 13MP main Camera, Android Lollipop 5.1, all powered by a Quad-Core 1.4GHZ Processor and every other Nice things that makes up the Spec of a Good Phone.

See More Details Below!
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A Spy On iOS 10, Latest Features You Must Learn About

Apple announced the latest edition of its mobile platform today. iOS 10 claims it’s the biggest iOS release since its inception and here are the 10 new major features Apple accented on during its presentation:
1. User interface
IOS 10 lockscreen
A redesigned lockscreen. The lockscreen now supports pick up to wake and has an easier way to access the camera - just swipe left. If you swipe right you'll find your widget page. Just when Android mostly ditched the widgets on the lockscreen Apple is bringing them back.
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Meet The Latest Gionee S6 Pro Smartphone

Lenovo after making two nice Smartphone this June could be awarded the best for the month, but the month is still fresh especially as other makers like Gionee still made a record as they released the Almighty Gionee S6 Pro smartphone.

The Gionee S6 Pro smartphone is specially made for space lovers! Is is because its been made with a sloping 64GB storage capacity, it can also accept SD Cards up to 256GB capacity.

The Gionee S6 Pro smartphone is a hot device for selfie lovers as its designed with an 8MP selfie Camera along with a 13MP rear Camera!

You can see other interesting Tips about the Gionee S6 Pro Smartphone Below!

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Why You Must Stop Looking for Cheats From Glo, Airtel, MTN, Etisalat and Others

The truth is that Nigerian Networks have made it so easy to surf the Internet with their latest Competition Era. The competition has opened way for the introduction of new Data Plans that are just enough for anything you'd ever want to Do on the internet.

I still get cheat Requests on my Whatsapp and the Most annoying is that some of these requester will not even bother t say Hi before they start asking for these cheats as if My Dad is an MTN staff or as if its their Right to Use Cheats on Any Network.
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Lenovo Phab2 Plus Specs And Review

Hope you just Read about Lenovo's Phab2 smartphone released not quite long ago? well, it seems there is another version of the Phab2 called Phab2 Plus. Yes! Just Like we have iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and these were released this June 2016.

See the apecs Below
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Xiaomi Mi Max SmartPhone Specs

Yes! Just as You saw On the Title, this Xiaomi Mi Max smartPhone is powered with 4850 mAh Battery! 
i wonder what else Android Users are looking for in a Smartphone is they fail to list Battery as on of the primary Needs!

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This Is Lenovo Phab2 With 4050 mAh Battery Life

This is another Hot One from Lenovo, the makers of nice gadgets for everyone.
This June, the company has just dropped another hot device for everyone, i am going to make it easy for you as i list all the specs about the Lenovo Phab2 Pro Below!

Please enjoy!
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How to Easily Create a Group for Friends on the Apple Watch

After gaining huge success in the smartphone world, the Apple has now made their focus on the smart watches where they also have created some exceptional technical specifications for the wrist watches. In their smartwatches the Apple has added a lots of features that the general wrist watches doesn’t have in them. Besides of just checking for the time the users can now create up the Contacts list on this watch that can be accessed
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Tutorial: How To Recover Lost,Deleted Files On Android

You know sometimes, you just kept Punchin on your android phone, tablet and without knowing, you probably have deleted some files like videos, pictures, other resources on the device and now you're a bit confused since you do not know exactly how you can manipulate the device and restore the lost files!
If this is your reason for Anger, then feel free!


I will recommendThe Android Data Recovery program which will assist you to recover not only photos and videos, but also SMS text messages and contacts from Android phone or tablet. Which help safeguard your phone, set it up for easy recovery when it gets lost, and prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands.

Gratefully? Just choose the right version to download for a free try.
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Tecno Canon C9 SmartPhone: See Product Specs!

Tecno Camon C9 is one of the most hotly anticipated smartphones in Africa and this is due to the huge success of its predecessor, the Camon C8.
Tecno mobile is expected to launch the Camon C9 sometime in June 2016, and it is touted to come with some really big improvements.
More details below :
Here Are Some Quick Facts About Tecno Camon C9
Product History : Following the footsteps of its predecessor , Camon C9 is a camera centric smartphone tailored for those who love pictures.
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With This Experience, Android May Run On iPhone Very Soon

For anyone that has been interested in trying out Android, but doesn’t want to give up their iPhone, one designer and developer may have come up with a solution.
Nick Lee is an adventurous fellow, to say the least. He’s a designer and developer that works for Tendigi, a mobile design and development studio. This time he’s playing around with an iPhone, and he’s managed to get Google’s competing platform, Android, up and running on the device.

There’s plenty of work that goes into something like this, but for the folks out there that are interested in the finer details on how to get it to work, Lee went into great detail right here. The condensed version is that Lee made a 3D-printed case, put a single-board computer in it, with a battery, and then used the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) to get Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow running on an iPhone.
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Amazing! Samsung Working On Foldable Smartphone To Be Sold 2017

We already know that Samsung is working on a foldable phone (internally dubbed Project Valley), and we've also seen some possible designs. Last we heard, there were rumors of it launching in January this year - that obviously didn't happen. Now, it looks like the device won't be coming this year.
A new report from Samsung's home country of South Korea is claiming that the
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Tutorial: How To Add, Delete Home Screens, Widgets, Create Folders on Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, and Note 5


Samsung Touchwiz has received many choice words from both sides of the camp — those who love it and those who hate it. But either ways, one cannot help but acknowledge that TouchWiz is probably the most common used UI on a smartphone given that Samsung has the highest sales volume amongst phone manufacturers. Here we have a guide on creating folders, adding widgets and moving icons around to let you customize your device.
Most actions on a Touchwiz, be it the Galaxy ‘S’ Series or the Galaxy ‘J’ Series, remain the same. Be it in the endeavor of creating a folder or moving widgets, the TouchWiz UI allows one to hop from device to device without having to re-learn the process.
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iNfinix Hot3-The Top Mobile Phone In Nigerian SmartPhone Market

Infinix Hot3

A smartphone isn’t just a regular gadget; most consumers consider their smartphone as part of their every day life and a necessity to fit into their lifestyle.

Infinix has teased the Hot 3 for quite some time now and with demand from consumers about technology that can fit into the average consumer’s lifestyle and smartphones that are affordable, the HOT 3 smartphone that meets the demand and is equipped with the latest technology.

Without a doubt Infinix HOT 3 offers more than just the regular technology for smartphone users in Nigeria, the colorful smartphone also offers users one of the best picture quality experience with 8 + 2MP & a Selfie camera with soft flash to enhance selfie pictures. The camera feature was also upgraded with a voice command feature to make picture taking seamless.
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Meet The Latest Sony XPERIA X Smartphone

The cracks are starting to show in the smartphone world, I believe. Under incredible pressure from Chinese manufacturers like Huawei/Honor, Meizu and Xiaomi, the old guard are having to change tack and try something different just to survive. So we had LG and its ill-fated detachable bottom module, and now Sony has abandoned its ‘three sizes’ strategy in favor of the same size but having three levels of specification, with the Xperia X the first to be available. Hmm…. While I applaud the choice of specs, I do think this ‘one (physical) size fits all’ strategy is potentially more confusing in the long run.

Sony Xperia X - front view

Also, and this is becoming something of a theme in my reviews, but in the light of some of the incredible value handsets coming out of those Chinese brands, I just don’t think the old guard of smartphone manufacturers can charge the top dollar that they used to. At £450 here (in the UK, SIM-free) for the Sony Xperia X, and often more, it’s still at least £100 too expensive.
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These Apps Would just Be Perfect For Your Samsung #GalaxyS7 and S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge - front view
These two Mobile Phones-The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, are really among the best smartphones available in the market right now. Samsung has filled these phones to the brim with new features, but there are always some apps available on the Google Play Store that you can install on the phones to further enhance their functionality.
The below applications help in fixing some of the annoyances on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, while other further complement some already great features on the handsets. Read below and find out what they are:

Galaxy Button Lights

The ability to turn off or customize the back light of the capacitive navigation buttons was one of the casualties in Samsung’s toning down TouchWiz last year with the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. A year later, the feature is still missing on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, which is why Galaxy Lights is a must-have in my opinion. The app allows you to set a custom timeout for the back light of the capacitive buttons, or you can always set it to be permanently on/off.
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Best Phones You Can Buy This June

Oh, and a point of order. It would be a little crazy to allow multiple iPhones of the exact same form factor into the top 10. So I’ve not allowed myself to have both the ‘6s’ and the ‘6’, for example. Ditto for the ‘6s Plus’. It would be almost as bad as allowing all the various memory variations! And don’t get me started on colours… Plus several of the Android phones also have variants of one kind or other – for this top 10, common sense will prevail!
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Cheapest Data Plans From Glo For Nigerians

Glo Nigeria has here again with another mouth-watering data offer, now it has boosted up their 1.5GB normal data plan to 2GB and the price still remains N1000, 6gb worth of data is now N2000 while the price of 10GB normal data has reduced to just N2,500. Not done yet, with N3,000 you will be given a huge 12GB data and many more…
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How To Fix Slow Charging Problem On Any Phone Or Tablet

Battery charging slowly Android iPhone

On tech forums, groups and social media, I have seen many people complaining about Slow Phone charging problem.This is a very common issue and not just limited to phones or tablets. It affects all devices that use micro-USB port to receive power to charge the devices. If you are affected by this annoying problem, don’t you worry, I am going to provide you a list of solutions that will hopefully solve slow charging on Galaxy S7, Nexus 5X, OnePlus 2 whatever.


There are many factors responsible for slow charging of your Android smartphone, I have highlighted the most common ones. Perform the steps mentioned below until your problem is sorted.
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HTC One A9 VS Apple iPhone 6s: Five Things You Should Know

The HTC One A9 device, latest in the line of smartphones released by HTC, has finally dropped and it seems to be all we can talk about. This should be expected as you don’t make a claim to want to replace iPhones and expect to be out of the news. With that settled, it is only natural to want to vet the HTC device for the edge it has over the iPhone device and true to itself, this device really has some story to tell. Below is a list of reasons why we believe that the newly launched HTC One A9 might be better than the Apple iPhone 6S.
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Price Of Lenovo's Snapdragon 801 Smartphone In india

n India, Lenovo today launched its ZUK Z1. This Smartphone is run by Cyanogen OS and comes with white and grey variants with a price tag of Rs 13,499.
Lenovo Snapdragon
Lenovo will be running its flash sale on Indian Amazon so be sure to watch. The registration for the first batch of sale for the device will start this may 25 at 1pm to 23rd of May at 2pm.
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