Amazing! Samsung Working On Foldable Smartphone To Be Sold 2017

We already know that Samsung is working on a foldable phone (internally dubbed Project Valley), and we've also seen some possible designs. Last we heard, there were rumors of it launching in January this year - that obviously didn't happen. Now, it looks like the device won't be coming this year.
A new report from Samsung's home country of South Korea is claiming that the
company will start mass-producing foldable displays by end of this year, with foldable smartphones arriving next year.
The report notes that Samsung's foldable device would be a 5-inch smartphone in folded form, and would become a 7-inch tablet when un-folded or opened. Past rumors have suggested that the company is testing both Snapdragon 620 and 820 for its Project Valley smartphone, while RAM will be 3GB.

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