Etisalat BBLited Now Rocks On Psiphone

Hey guys, its been a while we enjoyed free browsing and unlimited downloads right ?
Today am going to show you how to rock Etisalat BBLITE plan unlimited!
Lets Rock
Choose and subscribe to the plan with the code below
***Monthly: N1000 *599*2#
***Weekly: N350 *599*2*1#
***Daily: N70 *599*2*2#
***Go to your Phone setting APN and
use the below setting to set it up
Proxy: Empty
Port: Empty

leave every other thing as it is and save
Open your Psiphon or Netify vpn
Proxy type: Real Host
Proxy server:
Click on Save
Now go to more option setting and
untick connect through Http Proxy
wait for few seconds for it to Connect if it dosnt connect switch off nd on your data and rock it…working flawlessly….
You can also rock it via Tweakware mod…alternative to psiphon…
Open your tweakware mod and set it up like this====switch to Logs then Click on
Handler Menu
It will request for
childlock code input this code
= cdce.imishiro.032990
After its unlock, you can use Real Host
as proxy type and clear everything and put this blackberryid.blackberry.
com click on save
Go to settings and uncheck
connect through Http Proxy
Now go back to Home and click
on Connect
NOTE: it might take some minute to connect and if its taking too long off and your data….This stuff is working great! so….set it up accordingly and enjoy the unlimited of etisalat bblite plan

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