iNfinix Hot3-The Top Mobile Phone In Nigerian SmartPhone Market

Infinix Hot3

A smartphone isn’t just a regular gadget; most consumers consider their smartphone as part of their every day life and a necessity to fit into their lifestyle.

Infinix has teased the Hot 3 for quite some time now and with demand from consumers about technology that can fit into the average consumer’s lifestyle and smartphones that are affordable, the HOT 3 smartphone that meets the demand and is equipped with the latest technology.

Without a doubt Infinix HOT 3 offers more than just the regular technology for smartphone users in Nigeria, the colorful smartphone also offers users one of the best picture quality experience with 8 + 2MP & a Selfie camera with soft flash to enhance selfie pictures. The camera feature was also upgraded with a voice command feature to make picture taking seamless.

Infinix hot 3 is the latest smartphone from the Hot series, it prevails its predecessor HOT 2. The new smartphone comes with Quad core Mediatek 1.3Ghz processor this allows gaming fans to optimize their gaming experience with HOT 3, Operating on Android Lollipop 5.1 OS with Infinix’s customized user interface that helps users increase their smartphone performance by more than 20%.

Infinix aims to give consumers in Nigeria a better smartphone experience with every new device produced.. you need to get one too price range is between N29,000-N35,000


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