Why You Must Stop Looking for Cheats From Glo, Airtel, MTN, Etisalat and Others

The truth is that Nigerian Networks have made it so easy to surf the Internet with their latest Competition Era. The competition has opened way for the introduction of new Data Plans that are just enough for anything you'd ever want to Do on the internet.

I still get cheat Requests on my Whatsapp and the Most annoying is that some of these requester will not even bother t say Hi before they start asking for these cheats as if My Dad is an MTN staff or as if its their Right to Use Cheats on Any Network.

Look, My friends, stop Looking for cheats, If you cannot afford MTN 1.35 Gig For 1,000, Try the night plan for #200

If you could not change your Android Imel Number so as to Use Glo BIS on your android phone, then try these cheaper Data Plans and enjoy unlimited surfing on your mobile phone.

If you do not have MTN, Glo, then i guess you must have an etisalat Simcard! If yes, try these cheaper Data plans and stop snoofing over the internet for cheats!

Nothing is free in this Buhari Regime, even the network providers are feeling Buhari's presence on the presidential sit and i must say it has never been easy with them as they are faced with high Tax Payments

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