The Best Way To Stop Windows Update On Windows 10

If You're Not on a Wi-fi, You'd agree when i say that installing updates on windows 10 costs a lot as it consumes a large volume of Data and this is why i am creating this Post to help those living in areas where Wi-fi might nor be available.
Windows Update on Windows 10 has been created in such a way that you wouldn't even know when it is Running except you're quite good at detecting some minor signs on your PC.

If you Follow the steps i will share with you below, you will learn how you can easily Disable Windows Update service on your Windows and enjoy your Data Bundle for a longer time than you'd expect.


Disabling windows 10 update is not as easy as it used to be when running a wondows 7 Pc.

But i am Right here on this blog, #schoolnaija, i am going to show you a very simple way through this, all i need is your audience.

Step 1: Punch on the "Windows Button" on the PC

Step 2: Type in "Administrative Tools"

Step 3: Click On "Services"

Step 4: Scroll down till you locate "Windows Update"

Step 5: Now Click on "STOP" to disable the Data Consuming incident from repeating itself

Step 6: The deactivation will be Valid when after this completes.

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