TUTORIAL: DO You Know How To Boot Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge To Safe Mode?

Of all devices made by Samsung, i am tempted to say that The latest Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is not just a piece of beauty as it delivers an exceptional experience even beyond other competing Gadgets.

S7 Edge allows Customization of settings to suit user preference, it allows the download and installation of Apps from Google Play and these downloaded apps are observed to cause no issues.

Along the line, it has also been discovered that Battery Drain, Overheating and other issues could arise from poorly coded apps and of all steps to tackling these is booting the S7 into the safe Mode!

Booting Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge into Safe Mode allows you use your device without Third-Party apps since their operation will be instantly disabled on switching to safe mode.

This Post is made to Take you through the processes involved in switching a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge into Safe Mode and Such steps are listed below! 

Having issues like Battery drain, Slow Performance, sudden Break, etc might just be the action of one poorly coded app on your device and the only possible way out of this is to Boot the Device (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) into Safe Mode.


Simply follow the steps below!

1. Power off the device
2. Press and Hold the Power Button for a few Seconds
3. Release The power button and press and hold the Volume down Key
4. Keep Holding the Volume Down Key till the phone restarts
Release the Volume Down Key once you see "Safe Mode" on the screen.

After this, i advice you keep a close look at the phone for a few hours and if you observe no issues, then there is a bad app in the system and this must be flushed in order to bring the phone back to normal.

In order to successfully uninstall the Bad App, Please i advice you start removing the apps you recently downloaded and installed either for google play or otherwise.

simply follow the steps below To Successfully Uninstall A Bad App from Your device

1. Navigate to Settings
2. Tap On Apps or Applications
3. Tap on Application Manager
4. Select the App you intend to Uninstall
5. Punch the uninstall Button
6. Confirm your Actions

If After Removing or Uninstalling the suspected app, you still notice the Issues, then i suggest you "Factory Reset" the S7 Edge device. This is a process that permanently deletes or uninstalls all Third-Party Apps (Apps that were Installed By You), and to do this, simply follow these steps!

1. Hit Settings
2. Backup And Restore
3. Factory Data Reset
4. Reset Device
5. Erase Everything
6. Confirm your Action

On Confirming your action, wait till the device boots Select your language, Country, Enter you Google Account, ETC!

I Guess your device will work better than it did before!

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