VIDEO: 5 Important Lessons I Have Iearned From Mark Zuckerberg's History

Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg lands in Nigeria today. His landing I could say is somewhat secret as only a few people in the Country knew about it. Seeing him for the first time in African soil, I've come to understand the complete meaning of simplicity and a good personality, but before i go into that detail, let me pick out a few things you must know about this Rare Gem
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Breaking: Do You Know How To Bypass iCloud Activation Lock In iOS 9 And 8 iPhones?

Sometimes, we are so fascinated by the site of an iPhone, iPad or any other device that runs on the iOS. One thing we have ignored is the fact that "To whom much is given, much is expected" and so, having an iPhone is a good thing but one thing you must know is that it is a special kind of device that may have all your details stored in it.

Now what if you out of your wanting to be secretive and enabled the iCloud (an app which ensures your privacy and data as the original owner of an iOS device is safe without the view of an unauthorized person)
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LG V20 Coming September 2016, Here are The Fascinating Specifications

Welcome once again to another Interesting segment of, a blog where the truth about phones are revealed.

On today's edition, i wanna be talking about a very fascinating product as manufactured and released by LG. This time, it is called LG V20 and i will below, list the specs and everything you'd ever need to know about the new LG V20 Smartphone.
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All You Need To Know About Infinix Note 2, Infinix Note 3 And Infinix Hot S

Infinix Note 2 (X600)

Now I think it’s the best time for us to discover the best infinix Products and the reasons they’re what they are in the market today. I am going to use just s few Products to make my point here and these products includes: Infinix Note, Infinix Hot S, Infinix Note 3.
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The Best Way To Stop Windows Update On Windows 10

If You're Not on a Wi-fi, You'd agree when i say that installing updates on windows 10 costs a lot as it consumes a large volume of Data and this is why i am creating this Post to help those living in areas where Wi-fi might nor be available.
Windows Update on Windows 10 has been created in such a way that you wouldn't even know when it is Running except you're quite good at detecting some minor signs on your PC.
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Breaking News: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 With A 4100mAh Battery Released!

Just a few Days back i wrote about Gionee's latest S6s device, which i guess has got a lot of orders in the phone market by now and now i am going to talk about yet another stunning device from another prominent Manufacturer.

This post is totally about Xiaomi's Redmi Note 4 which runs on Android Marshmallow 6.0, a 13 MegaPixel Rear Camera assisted by a  5 MegaPixel Selfie Camera.
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All You'll Need To Know About Gionee S6s SmartPhone

It is yet another beautiful Product from Gionee. The company Gionee has this August, released another breath taking product and this time, they've chosen to call it Gionee S6s.

Let me tell you a few things i have come to love about the S6s product from Gionee.

1. Body

The soft curves are balanced against the sharp lines for a striking impression & 

comfortable grip. The camber back makes it ideal for taking selfies.
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2 Major Ways to Connect To The Internet With a PC Without an Internet Moderm If you have an Android Device

After having an android Phone, i was told i'd still need an internet Modem or a dongle in order to be able to surf the internet with my PC.

This was as a result of the fact that the most trending network Tweak (Especially for Globacom Users) which helps users change their android Number to that of a blackberry in order to enjoy Blackberry Subscriptions on Android will not allow the use of such data plans on a Modem.

Because of this, You'd still need a Modem in order to surf the internet without having to worry about anything

Thanks to the latest development which ensures all android devices are designed with USB TETHERING capability.
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Latest Huawei Honor 8 Is Another Smart one From Huawei See Specs Below

Ever seen or heard about the latest Huawei Honor 8? The device is like every other device especially as it runs on a 3000mAh Battery!
See more Tips Below!

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Definition And Instances Of A Menace - Meaning Of Menace

I Know i have been known to talk a lot about Cultism and Smartphones on this blog, but today i would like to talk about Menace. On this post, you'll be learning about the Dictionary definition of menace, the meaning of menace, The meaning of Menace to Society, You will also know the meaning of menacing.

Dictionary Definition Of Menace
Menace is simply a word used to describe a situation, something, an action that is likely to cause harm.
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You can Root Any Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 EDGE Devices Running on the following ROMS With PingRoot

PingRoot is the best rooting tool for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. PingPong Root method is very user friendly and with it, you can root Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge without wiping your data. PingPong Root supports most of the ROM versions and these are listed below!
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TUTORIAL: How To Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Or S6 Edge

I know alot of technicians find it difficult to root Samsung Galaxy s6 and s6 Edge, but mind you that your device ROM must be listed here in order to successfully gain root access on your device except if you're using other methods apart from PingPongRoot and SuperSU

Here on this [age, i am going to talk about how you can successfully Root any Samsung Galaxy S6 Or S6 EDGE using the PingPongRoot and SuperSU

The first thing you're gonna need is install PingPongRoot and SuperSU and this should be done once you're sure your ROM Version is listed. You'd also need to enable the "Unknown Sources" Option from the security menu.
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All You Need To Know About KNOX Security Platform On Samsung Android Devices

KNOX is one of security platform for Samsung android devices which assures that no changes have been made to the android system partitions and also no potential security susceptibilities have been created by the user. If you try to make changes of system-level files, immediately it is detected by KNOX, a hardware fuse is tripped or triggered.

Once it's been tripped, you cannot reset it. It will directly affect to your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge warranty. After tripped KNOX, you cannot be able to use Samsung pay which "Groundbreaking Mobile Payment Service".
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MTN Data Service Plans, Cost and Validity Peiod

Here is a list of  Data Plans for all MTN Subscribers 
Please Note that you can now rollover your unused internet data to the next month subscription. All you have to do is ensure that you auto-renew your data subscription before it expires and your unused data is automatically moved to the next month.
Note that data rollover feature is only applicable to monthly plans.
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How To Buy Data On Any Network In Nigeria

Currently, most smartphone users in Nigeria would find it difficult to renew or buy a data plan since they neither know the right data plan for the available cash or the code with which to Have Access to the Data services Options.

Here on this post, i am going to list the USSD Codes through which you can buy Data from any network provider in Nigeria.
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How to Subscribe To Any Data Plan On Airtel Network

If you are a smartphone user, you'd agree when i say that the cost of surfing the internet is relatively high and as a result, most users are left with no other option but to abandon ship.

Because of my love for my people, i will on this post make a list of the possible data plans you can buy on Airtel Network, their data allowance, subscription Codes, and the eligible devices on which such plans can be used.
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NEW PHONE: SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 7 Versions For United States

Here is the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and available versions for United States.

Some of the things you'll love about this device includes: Amazing battery, 12MP Rear And 5MP Front Camera, 4GB RAM.

You can see a complete specification below!

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How to Buy Airtel Blackberry Unlimited Plans

Airtel Blackberry unlimited data bundle plan gives you access to a whooping 2GB of data for NGN1,500 only. The Most interesting this plan works across all smartphones, tablets, computer and other devices that grants access to the internet via a SIM card.

If it doesn’t work on your computer, you tweak it to work using the hack below:
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How To Buy A Data Plan For Free On Glo Network plus Extra Call Credits

Today i wanna talk about how you can subscribe to any data plan for free with more cash for calls And text.

I am doing this because a lot of Nigerians are actually not aware that they can subscribe to their favorite data plan and still retain over 200% on their bonus account for calls and text.

Yes, it is possible especially as some network providers out of their competition has made some interesting tariff plans that allows user double their recharge or even triple it.

Because i am more conversant with MTN, GLO and Airtel, i am going to base this post in these 3 network providers.
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