2 Major Ways to Connect To The Internet With a PC Without an Internet Moderm If you have an Android Device

After having an android Phone, i was told i'd still need an internet Modem or a dongle in order to be able to surf the internet with my PC.

This was as a result of the fact that the most trending network Tweak (Especially for Globacom Users) which helps users change their android Number to that of a blackberry in order to enjoy Blackberry Subscriptions on Android will not allow the use of such data plans on a Modem.

Because of this, You'd still need a Modem in order to surf the internet without having to worry about anything

Thanks to the latest development which ensures all android devices are designed with USB TETHERING capability.

Herr i am going to talk about how you can connect your ANdroid device to a laptop and use the current data plan on your phone to surf  the internet with your PC.

The two Methods are:

1.Wi-Fi Hotspot
2. USB Tethering

I am going to explain how these can be done in the next section so i wanna beg your undiluted attention as i unveil this.

1. How to Access Internet on Your PC with Android Device Using WLan Hotspot

This is the simplest and easiest way to get connected to the internet on your PC using your modem. This method works by creating a wireless network on your Android device, so no USB Cable would be required.

  • On your Android Device, go to Settings >> Wireless and Network Settings >> Mobile networks, select the “Use Packet Data” option, and then unchecked “Use Only 2G Networks” option.
  • Again, go to Settings >> Wireless and Network Settings >>Tethering and Portable Hotspot, and then select the second option “Mobile AP”. After selecting the “Mobile AP”, a blue wifi icon should appear on your phone notification bar.
  •  Now go to your laptop, netbook, or desktop computer, or any other device you want to connect to your Android that supports WIFI, search for the available wireless networks, and select “Android AP” option.
  • That’s all; you are now connected to the internet, just go to your browsing and start browsing.

2. How to Access Internet on Your PC With Android Device Using USB Cable (USB Tethering)
  • Connect your Android Smartphone to the Laptop using the USB data cable.
  • Make sure the phone’s drivers are installed properly. In most cases, windows will automatically recognize and install the drivers automatically. If it does not, then use the CD which is given along with the cellphone.
  • In your android Smartphone, go to Settings >> Wireless and Network Settings >> Mobile Networks and select the “Use Packet Data” option. Also unchecked the “Use only 2G Networks” option.
  • Again go to Settings >> Wireless and Network Settings >> Tethering and Portable Hotspots
  • Select the “USB tethering” option and you should see a blue circle icon in the notification bar.
  • You are now connected to the internet. Just open a browser and start browsing.

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