TUTORIAL: How To Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Or S6 Edge

I know alot of technicians find it difficult to root Samsung Galaxy s6 and s6 Edge, but mind you that your device ROM must be listed here in order to successfully gain root access on your device except if you're using other methods apart from PingPongRoot and SuperSU

Here on this [age, i am going to talk about how you can successfully Root any Samsung Galaxy S6 Or S6 EDGE using the PingPongRoot and SuperSU

The first thing you're gonna need is install PingPongRoot and SuperSU and this should be done once you're sure your ROM Version is listed. You'd also need to enable the "Unknown Sources" Option from the security menu.

At this point, you're ready to install PingPong Root. Point your Galaxy S6's web browser to this link to download a copy of the APK installer file.
When the file is saved to your device, tap the "Download complete" notification to launch it. From here, tap "Install," then you may receive a warning message that this app contains code that attempts to bypass Android security mechanisms. This is exactly how PingPong Root works, so it's nothing to be alarmed about. Just tick the box next to "I Understand," then press "Install Anyway" if you see this message.
When that's finished, tap "Open," then after a few seconds, Android's installer interface should come up again. This time it's asking you to install SuperSU, which is a root management app from developer Chainfire. So tap "Install" again, and when that's finished, press "Done" to head back to PingPong Root.

Step 3Root Your Device

From PingPong Root's main menu, you'll find two buttons—"Get root!" and "Download Data." If your device's firmware was listed in the "download data" section in Step 1, you'll have to tap the "Download Data" button at this point, then wait for the app to download the additional data.
Once you're ready to root your device, tap the "Get root!" button. From here, you'll see a message that tells you to "Please Wait!!"—take heed to this message and don't interact with your phone while the root process is running. After about 30 seconds, a message will appear informing you that the process was completed. At this point, reboot your phone as soon as possible.

Step 4Update Your Superuser Binaries

When you get back up, go ahead and open the SuperSU app that you'll now find in your app drawer. From here, you'll be informed that your Superuser binaries need to be updated, so tap "Continue" on this message.
Next, SuperSU will ask how you'd like to update your binaries. Select the "Normal" option from this menu, then give it about 30 seconds to update your binaries. When the process has finished, tap "Reboot" on the confirmation dialog.

Step 5Verify Root

After rebooting the second time, your device should be fully rooted and your KNOX counter will not be tripped. If you'd like to verify that everything went off without a hitch, I'd recommend that you download an app called Root Checker, which is available on the Google Play Store for free.

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