Definition And Instances Of A Menace - Meaning Of Menace

I Know i have been known to talk a lot about Cultism and Smartphones on this blog, but today i would like to talk about Menace. On this post, you'll be learning about the Dictionary definition of menace, the meaning of menace, The meaning of Menace to Society, You will also know the meaning of menacing.

Dictionary Definition Of Menace
Menace is simply a word used to describe a situation, something, an action that is likely to cause harm.

A Few Instances Of Menace 

1. Just imagine you're in a taxi along with 3 other passengers and all of a sudden, you all realize the driver is drunk. Now for the fact that he's drunk makes him a menace to everyone in that taxi, even a close pedestrian is in danger too. That's a menace.

images of menace
Drunk Driver is a menace to his passengers

2. You drove out from the garage and on to the street and then to the major road only to discover Cows are roaming the entire road without a herdsmen controlling them in order to make the road usable to motorist. That is a menace because you could all get injured. No one ever wants to come head on with a cow or a bull.

stray cow
Cows On The street/road is a menace to road users

Meaning Of Menace To Society

A menace to society can be best described by the instances cited in (2) Above as it totally affects humans, property and animals in the society at that point in time.

Menace to society can therefore be simply put as that threat or an intention that could cause harm to a particular group of people, organization, race or individuals.

Menacing Meaning

Menacing is an adjective that suggests the presence of danger, a situation that brings about a threat to a group of individuals, society, etc

Now i have been able to help you understand the meaning of menacing, instances of menacing, i have also helped you understand what is really meant by menace to society and also cited a few instances of menace.

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