Blackberry and Samsung Collectively Builds Secure Devices for German Government

Of the smartphone makers that are on the market already, there are two distinct ones that always claim to be the best when it comes to security – Samsung for the Android platform and Blackberry for well, the Blackberry platform. 

These two security giants have then linked up for the creation of a smartphone that it touted to be very secure, and the aim of this is to make sure that the German government has something they can use without the fear of loss or leak of information to outside sources.
The Galaxy Tab S2 is the subject of this remake and the smartphone itself already contains something called the Samsung KNOX, the additional security concept that would be introduced by Blackberry would make the smartphone even more safer than it already is and in the end, the name would be retold as SecuTablet.
This would not be the first time that Samsung has linked up with BlackBerry on the making of a secure smartphone because it has once been seen on the Galaxy Tab S 10.1 which they did alongside IBM then and was rumoured to be priced at aa massive $2380.

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