How To Transfer Money From Your Bank To Any Other Account In Nigeria Without Going to The ATM Machine

Nigeria has undergone a lot of changes in these recent times especially as the economy keeps rising from behind especially as the dollar keeps twisting the arms of the Naira. One thing that i have observed from this economic Trying times facing Nigeria is that Its citizens keeps struggling and Paving Out ways through which their goals for the day, their business and family needs can be met.

Based on this, i want to on this platform, describe the only one way through which you can transfer Money from your bank, say FirstBank, Access Bank, Diamond Bank. Fidelity Bank, Ecobank and Zenith To Any other bank in Nigeria and would like to beg your indulgence as i unfold this.

Bank transfer is a service that allows account holders push money from their own account(s) to any other account or bank. It could involve a direct contact with the bank as well as an indirect contact with the bank.

The direct contact with the bank involves a customer going to the bank hall in order to engage a transfer service which allows hi,/her send or push money to another account/bank.

Based On The demand of My Friends, i am going to talk about the type of transfer in which you can transfer to another account without a direct contact with the bank and on the paragraph below, i am going to list the possible things you'd surely need in order to successfully carryout the transfer services.

Things You Might Need
1. ATM Card (MasterCard, Visa, Verve)
2, Your Phone (With The Phone number you submitted while opening your account)
3. Internet Connection (Needed only when you're doing this with your Phone)
4. The Account Number which you're transferring funds to

Procedures To Transfer Money To Another Account

1. Grab Your Phone/Laptop, Open your browser and type in
2. Now You're Gonna need to LOG IN with quickteller or Create an Account if you have none. Just Put your name, email address and Mobile Number as well as set a password with which you can log in later on.


3. If You've Successfully Logged in, You would need to locate the funds transfer Icon and click on it.


4. On Opening, you will see a "Transfer To Account" Option, Now Click On It.


5. As it Opens, You will receive a page on which you will be required to enter the receiver details like his name, Account Number, Bank Name, Amount You're Sending, Receiver's Phone number


6. Now You will hit the "Continue" Button in order to confirm your intentions. this will open another page where you will be required to click on the " Transfer" Button and wait to be redirected to the Interswitch Page where you'd be required to Enter Your Card Detail.


7. Now that You have been redirected to the "Interswitch Page" Now the interswitch page has a number of things you might not understand if this is Your First Time.

You will have to enter your Card Number (This is the 16 Digit Number Located just before your name on the fron of the Card)


Expiry Date (This is in the form of 06/12 meaning that your card will expire June, 2012)
CVV (Card Verification Value) is located at the back of your card... It is the last 3 digits at the back of your card and i will show you these below


Now that you have entered these details on the interswitch page, You need to click on "Pay"

Once you click on PAY, you will get a message from SafeToken>
SafetToken grants you a 6 digit secret Number that must be entered in order to authenticate your Transaction and is usually sent to the Mobile Number that is linked to your Account Number. This is why i mentioned your mobile number on the requirements section.

Now if you have followed the steps described here, you will receive a SafeToken Code as SMS on your Phone, Simply enter the safe token to complete the payment.

After entering the SafeToken, you are going to expect an alert within a few minutes depending on the condition of the Network of your bank.

This would work for our Aunties and Uncles Living Outside Nigeria, But on the condition that their Nigerian Line must be On roaming. Roaming services allows you to use your Nigerian Line Outside Nigeria.

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