Question And Answer: All About MTN Security Number And How You Can Get Yours

For Nigerian MTN subscribers who have not registered for their MTN security Number, here are the few questions yo may want to ask about MTN security Number and the best answers you can ever get from an MTN service agent.
Question: How do I get my MTN Security Number?
The MTN Security Number has been sent to every MTN number via SMS. If you have not received yours, visit any our Walk In centres or Call 180, your Security number will be sent to you after verifying your details.
MTN Security Number
Question: What is the MTN security number?
Answer:  The MTN security number is a 16 digit number which consist of 12 digits Customer ID and 4 digits Security Key that is totally unique and personal to you. This number is very important and must be protected by not disclosing it to a third party.  MTN Nigeria will not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from the disclosure of your MTN Security Number to third parties.
Question: Why do I need an MTN Security Number
Answer:  The MTN security number opens the door to a world of convenient, safe and Do It Yourself Customer service. You will need your MTN Security Number to access customer service and self-help channels on the MTN Network. The Security Number protects your SIM and ensures that no fraudulent activity can be carried out on or with your MTN SIM.
Question: How do I get my MTN Security Number?
Answer: MTN will send your Security Number via SMS and email, where email address is available
Question: Will I be required to present the 16 digits of my Security Number every time?
Answer: No, you will not be required to present the 16 digits of your Security Number every time depending on the service channel you use.
Question: I cannot remember my MTN Security Number, what do I do?
Answer:  If you cannot remember your MTN security number you can reset it either by calling the 180, via the Web and by visiting any of the MTN Customer service walk-in centers pan Nigeria.
Question: I have registered my SIM but I have not received my MTN Security Number, what do I have to do?
Answer:  If you have registered your SIM but have not received your MTN Security number, please visit any MTN Walk-in center. Upon verification of ownership of your SIM, your security number will be sent to you.
Question: Can I change my MTN Security Number?
Answer: Yes, you can change the last 4 digits of your MTN Security number. MTN would advise that you change the last 4 digits of your security number immediately you receive it. To change your MTN Security number simply log on to to access the Web Self Service
Question: Can I give my security number to a Third Party?
Answer: MTN advises that you do not disclose your Security Number to a third party as MTN Nigeria will not be held liable to any loss resulting from disclosure to third parties.
Question: Who will receive the MTN Security Number?
Answer: All registered and unregistered MTN customers must receive security numbers.
Question: What should I do if my Security Number is compromised?
Answer: A customer who feels his/her security number has been compromised should immediately call or visit the customer service center to reset his security number, or change his security key himself using  any of the available channels such as the web

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