Tutorial: How To Fix Proximity Sensor Issue On Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

With Xiaomi's Redmi Note 3 Users, the common complaints has shown nothing but the fact that there is a kind of bug for the proximity sensor. Some has opined that the proximity sensor on the device seems to stop most times, especially the time when its needed the most. 
Just imagine what it would be like when you're about to slide the screen in order to answer a call and the action just turns impossible since the screen wont respond. This is the case with the Redmi Note 3. Apart from seizures, the proximity sensor also has a way of turning it self off with no respect at all.

For now, it is not clear if the cause of this usual stop is a hardware or software related Problem because the issue is experienced by users accross multiple updates of MIUI, even the Jump Version 7 of the MIUI to version 8 is not an exemption.

But one thing we're sure of is that there exists a few fixes that could provide a solution or at least try to reduce the failure of the sensor on the Redmi Note 3 Device and these are highlighted below.

Recalibrate The Proximity Sensor

Recalibrating The Proximity sensor on Redmi Note 3 is one effective way to get the device working again. this can be done from the hidden service menu of the phone. the service menu on Redmi Note 3 can be accessed by dialing "*#*#64663#*#*".From the screen that opens, Tap On "Proximity sensor" after which you Tap on Calibration. Once you get a "Successfull" message on the screen, tap on "Black Card" and after that place your finger on the proximity sensor. after a while, you'll get a "BlackCard" Success Message. You can repeat the process if you got no response.

After Following these steps, Your Redmi Note 3 Should have its Proximity sensor Working as effective as expected and if it does not, the next step will surely be enough to solve the problem.

Restart your device/Phone

another effective way asides from Recalibration is a restart of the device. This is simple yet the most effective way to fix the proximity sensor problem on most Redmi Note 3 Devices.
The restart However is not permanent. it is only a temporary step and greatly depends on the version of MIUI preinstalled on your device.

Update to the latest version of MIUI
If you have not already, make sure that your Redmi Note 3 is running on the latest version of MIUI. You can also try switching to the beta or developer channel of MIUI to see if it helps in solving the proximity sensor issues that you are facing on your Redmi Note 3.
You can download the global beta build of MIUI for Redmi Note 3 from here
Factory Reset

If all the above steps did not work in fixing the proximity sensor issues on your Redmi Note 3, your last resort is to conduct a factory reset on the handset. While painful, a factory reset will — at least temporarily — fix any proximity sensor issue you are facing on the phone. If not, be rest assured that this is a hardware defect and you should take your phone to the nearest Mi service centre.

How to Reset Redmi Note 3

You can factory reset your Redmi Note 3 by going to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Backup & reset -> Factory data reset -> Reset phone. You will have to enter your Mi account password before you will be able to factory reset the device

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