Tutorial: How To Monitor And Manage Connected Users On Your Hotspot

If you’re in the habit of leaving your Wifi hotspot enabled and open to connections from friends, family and or even colleagues, chances are, your hotspot would attract some of the bad guys too. Now, no need to panic if you already did. There’s a way to keep everything under control.
With any wifi analyzer you can get from the Google Play Store, you will be able to manage your hotspot, view detailed information of connected devices and block unwanted users – or so I thought at first!
However, my hopes of getting a wifi analyzer that could do exactly what I wanted without crashing every two or three minutes began diminishing after a few of searching and testing several apps until I finally came across this one dubbed Wifi Analyzer- Home Wifi Alert. It  just works!

With the app, I could finally block my younger bro’s Play Station (hehe) once he came online outside his free time. I could finally see the usage of data by my friends’ connected devices and block them off once they cross their boundaries. In fact, the app did just what I wanted.

Now, here are the key features of Wifi Analyzer- Home Wifi Alert:

• Network Analyzer:
– Displays IP addresses, MAC addresses, display names, access point you are connected to, and allows you to customize images/icons and edit display names.

• Wifi Strength:
-Wifi tester that shows Wifi signal strength! Also, shows you if you are connected to your internet and displays your routers public IP.

• Access Point Scan:
-Displays all router Access Points in range to you, what their MAC address are, channel they are using, and their db signal strength.

• Access Point Graphs:
-Displays the current channel your router is operating on and displays how many neighbors are on the same channel. On the channel rating page, it will rate which channel will be your best option to set your WiFi to for speed and reliability.

• Connections:
-Displays ALL connections that are currently connected through your device. It displays established foreign connections, listening IP, and closed connections. Each established IP is checked against 35 Backlisted databases to and displays if the IP’s are trusted or known threats!

• Block feature:
– The most useful/unique feature on this wifi analyzer/network analyzer. Brings you to your devices web interface so you can log in and input unwanted MAC address to the router’s filter table to block device from using the internet. Go to to see how to use this function.
• Network Analyzer tools! On the tools tab, the app can provide DNS lookup, Whois data, ping/port scan host names and FQDN scans, and traceroute! Added Cell data strength gauge tab which displays Network type and Network speed data

• Protect yourself
Congested wifi channels and Untrusted (wifi theft) devices slow down your internet connection and put a strain on your Wifi! Don’t overpay for faster internet speeds or suffer with a slow connection, take charge and stop Wifi theft and pick the best wireless channel to be on altogether with Home Wifi Alert – Wifi analyzer.
If you need to get the app, click here to head over to the Google Play Store.

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