Featured: 5 Methods Of Developing A Great Fashion Sense

It is good to discuss the subject of ‘Fashion Sense’, seeing that in worlds such as the one I find myself, people constantly pose with multi-colored clothing that you begin to wonder if some knots got lose in their brain to dress the way they did. Don’t blame them. They are not just fashion-inclined.

It is for folks like this that I have decided to write this article to educate their minds on how to have a fashion sense and as such combine good sartorial together to make them look brilliant and kinky.

Here are my 5 Methods of Developing a Great Fashion Sense:

1. Know your style – In knowing your style, you will have to get your hands dirty by engaging in what I like to call ‘word cloud’. By that, I simply mean writing down all of the styles that might come to your head or better yet, research the style and choose from the list of styles that best suits your person.

2. Talking about styles; there are classic, preppy, hipster, edgy, glamorous, bohemian, minimal, and etc. You can choose from these ones or cross out the ones you are sure don’t embody your desired style.
Now that you have a list of styles, you can be sure that they’d guide you in choosing your sartorial when you are ready to explore the world of fashion.

3. Steal from others – Like almost every life’s endeavor; it’s okay to steal from other people and make their styles a blueprint for yours. Mate, don’t be afraid to steal!
Pick from my experience. What I do is simply take notes from other people’s sense of dressing. So if I find someone whose outfit suits my taste, I make sure to take note of the overall dress sense and then try it out differently on me, you can almost be sure I’d look extremely dope! :)

4. Examine your closet – Yes, you heard that right. Learn to examine your closet. Why? Well, you would agree with me that there are some clothes you find yourself naturally gravitating towards. Most times, it’s not because of anything special, but you just like this piece of clothing that you find yourself choosing them over every other ones in your closet. Am I right?
Now, that can be a pointer for choosing the next clothes you’d shop for the next time you are trying to change your wardrobe.

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Count your compliments – Noting how many compliments you get on your outfits is key to developing great fashion sense. Asides the fact that it helps to  boost yourself confidence, it also help you to choose fitting and good clothes that best fit your overall personality, which is cool.

5. Learn to experiment – Experimenting is very important, perhaps the most important phase of your journey to developing a great fashion sense. Really, to change anything about you, your styles, you’ve got to step outside the comfort zone.

We all started from the place of testing the waters that is, testing which shirt fits with which trousers or with which shoes. It’s called,


Conclusively, these are the 5 explosive methods of developing a great fashion sense I promised to share with you, I hope you enjoyed reading through?

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