Tutorial: How To Stop Unwanted Airtime Deduction On Your MTN Line

On this post today, i am going to make it easy for you to be able to stop unnecessary text messages from MTN, Unnecessary credit deductions from MTN and several other abnormalities from MTN.

If you have been receiving unwanted and irrelevant text message from MTN and would like this to stop simply follow the steps highlighted below.

1. Dial *123*5#

These options are surely going to come up

1. MyContent services
2. MyPlay Services
3. MyCallertunez
4. My Music Plus
0. Back

2. Now select 1 and send and wait for the next step...
As soon as the next page comes up, you'll come across:

"My VAS Services"
1. Available Content Services
2. My Active Services

Quickly dial and send "1" again and wait for the list of active services running on your line to come up.

As soon as the next page comes up, you're going to see a list of active services on your line. These services are not fixed as their availability

Just as the page opened, i saw a list of services i never knew were running on my sim, she explained that with these services currently active on my line, i will get regular sms, have my money deducted weekly, monthly and even daily. Kai...

Now that you have seen the list of available services on your line, the next step is going to for you to punch in the corresponding numbers to each service and select "Unsubscribe" on the next page.

After this, you're going to get a message to acknowledge the success of your request to unsubscribe from any of the services you chose to unsubscribe from.

This also applies if you always observe a constant deduction from your balance. 

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