The Simple Truth About Mavrodi Scheme, MMM As Analysed By Nancy Chucks

Following the recent development on the Mavrodi Scheme, MMM, Nancy Chucks, a prominent Nigerian Internet marketer had these to say...
Please read her words below!

MMM just freezed people's money in the name of trying to protect the site from crashing right?..OK, was it not few weeks ago that we saw that MMM was given 14th or was it 15th of December to stop operating in Nigeria? But we all took it for granted, guilders trying to convince you all that it was a false news.
Even guilders was not aware that MMM wanted to freeze people's account.
Right before our very own eyes it was vividly stated, but because of our cash we turned it down.
Now MMM said 15th of January. Ultimate circle gave 12 to 24hrs for crying out loud! Going to 3weeks now and most of you have forgotten that name Ultimate circle.
MMM really helped most Nigerians no doubt,
But if I may ask why the sudden 20% Christmas bonus? Was it not a trick for people to PH? Just asking and i also want you to think of it as well.I also noticed that once u provide help within 48hrs you've been matched unlike the normal 2weeks that it takes. I guess you guys never thought of that as well. Smiles.
I will join you my loved ones to pray that .... you grab? Before people start thinking of doing something stupid, let's just wait till 15th January. After 15th January and MMM did not come back, we can kiss mmm goodbye..


CC Nancy Chucks

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