Tutorial: 3 Simple Kitchen Fire Safety Techniques You Must Know

At this time its only best that we start shopping for the necessary groceries for the Yuletide celebrations. This is because prices are sure to skyrocket as 25/12/2016 draws closer. Having mentioned that, its also gonna be good to be safety mined in our homes and with this, I am going to write on 3 simple and effective techniques that would save your home from kitchen fire.

Let's say you're bleaching some red oil or palm oil, vegetable oil or whatever oil needed for that super meal and suddenly a big flame erupts from it...

Just don't panic,

But be sure to follow any of these techniques

Technique 1...
Be courageous enough to get close to the source of heat (Could be stove, Electric cooker, Gas Cooker, Even Firewood), turn off the heat and get a lid and slid this over the pot and watch the fire quench itself.

Technique 2...
If you have baking soda, cooking flour, toss as many as you can into the pot. The flames should be smouldered and put out.

Technique 3...
If you've got a kitchen ABC fire extinguisher, simply arm and spray on the flame to put it out.


Never try to use even the smallest quantity of water as a means of eliminating the fire. Water would enlarge the fire and cause more damage in the home.

Its a common thing these days to cook and chat on BBM, WhatsApp and Facebook while cooking, but I think its best you shut those out if you're the type that forgets easily.

Cooking is a master on its own and I think serving 2 masters at the same time could be such a load. So take other chores after cooking in order to avert any potential fire incident from the kitchen.

Don't forget, as a chef, mother or spouce, the safety of your home depends on your care and watchfulness.

Its the season for laughter, love and good works and every member of the home deserves only the best of the season.

Enjoy your day

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