What You Must Do In Order To Activate Your Payoneer Card In Nigeria

I know a lot of you out there are probably wondering "How to successfully activate your Payoneer Card" and have a full access of your Payoneer funds. This post is going to help you solve this Puzzle.

Just sit back and read through...!

Assuming you've got your Payoneer Card delivered by a postal man or you probably walked to the post office to claim it, all you've got to do is go to "Myaccount Payoneer link by clicking on this after which you enter your Username (This should be the email you used in registering the account) and your password (The One used in registering the account also).

Please quickly click on

Now you're gonna be seeing a notification "ACTIVATE YOUR MASTERCARD", Click on this and enter the card number as well as the The Personal Identification Number (PIN) which is meant to searve the same purpose as your ATM Pin.

Next, Click on Submit and wait until you get a "Card Activation Was successful" Notice at the top of the screen.

Now you've successfully activated your card.

Now to the next Phase...

Having activated your card, it is required that every Card pays an annual Fee of $29.39.This is the payoneer Card fees which helps in the maintenance of the card.

This is going to be paid the very first time you receive funds on this card...

You are also going to pay some $3 on every money that enters the account but on my next post, i will make you understand how to minimize this especially for my brothers on Fiverr Platform.


1.Receive your card
2.log on to Payoneer on Activate Card
4.Enter Card 16 digit Number
5.Choose A PIN
6.Click on "Submit"

Now do not forget i will help you claim your Payoneer Card after Registering on this link

Please keep a date with as i will be creating posts on Payoneer Business Account, Payoneer Partners. You're also gonna learn how to send money to payoneer card. I will also make you understand many things about Payoneer virtual bank account
And all you can do with it

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