How Can I Easily Track Stolen iPhone On iCloud

track stolen iphone

Ever lost your iPhone or kept it at a spot only to realize its been picked up by a thief? Are you wondering how you can easily track your lost iPhone? Would you love to track your stolen iPhone? Then you're right to be on this page after all.
As an iPhone user, you're entitled to a free service known as "Find My iPhone". 

Find my iPhone is a free service that uses the GPS feature on your phone as well as internet connection to locate your phone as well as show the location of he device on the map.
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Simple Steps to Monitor Someone's Whatsapp Chats

Today on i would be giving you a very useful tip that you'll forever be grateful to have as a smart person.

On this special post, you'll learn "simple steps to help you hack someone's Whatsapp chats" and be able to monitor his message exchange anytime anywhere provided you have internet access.
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How To Buy Targeted Leads For Your Business

For a business, the advantage of hiring the best hands for the right job can never be over emphasized. Yes, it feels to right knowing there are good hands at the office, hands that would always be ready to do whatever it is you want and as at when necessary even without grumbling.
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Do You Know You Can Still View Pictures While On Facebook FreeBasics?

If you are a Nigerian, with an active Facebook account, you'd probably heard or known about Facebook free basics or probably used it too.

Now if you've been a regular user of Facebook freebasics, you'll agree when I say its usually hard to see graphics or pictures while airtel freebasics is active.
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How To Easily Turn Off Auto Brightness On iPhone X

One thing i know you're gonna find a little hard doing on your iPhone x is turning off the auto brightness which i believe has a way of reducing your battery capacity if you do not turn it off.

Its not like its impossible, Its just a bit hidden but this post will make it easy for you to locate and turn off Auto Brightness on your iPhone X.

Just concentrate the image below and i promise you'll find it totally easy to turn off the auto brightness feature on your iPhone x
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How To Configure Apple Pay Cash On Your Device

apple pay cash set up

Back in June 2017, Apple announced Apple Pay Cash feature which is designed to work as a peer-to-peer system. What that means is that if you're my friend, an iMessage user like myself, we can send and receive money from one another.

I also means you can pay your landlord right from your device without having to go to the bank or whatever. Well, i am going to talk about how you can make the Apple Pay Cash Work For you. Just read along dear.
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How To Enjoy 8 Times Bonus On Glo

Hey there, my name is Nwachukwu Richard, I'm a Nigerian, Blogger and a very loyal Subscriber to Globacom network and today I'm gonna share with you the reason why i never got my 8x Bonus from Glo after my airtime recharge.

Why I didn't get my 8x Bonus...
I just got an online top-up via quickteller and after that, I was expecting to get a notification for the bonus, but it never came anyways. After a while I took to Globacom's twitter handle where I sent a complaint asking them why I never got my 8x bonus.
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A Good Reason Why You Must Stop Charging Your Phone Overnight

Today On i would be talking about one of the things that all smartphone users are guilty of. It is the habit of plugging in your phone on the charger while you sleep. This is normal if you are a phone freak like me. You know my phone is like my mobile office, i eat and sleep on my phone. And hey! Its also my source of income but here are a few things you might want to know regading the habit of charging your device through out the night.

Charging your phone overnight reduces the battery capacity much faster. This won't be so if you charged just for a few hours during the day.
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How To Migrate To Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan

how to migrate to glo jollific8

Glo Jollific8 is a new tariff plan by globacom and it is designed to welcome new subscribers to the network. Jollific8 is designed to offer new subscribers 8 times whatever they recharge.

Guess what...! The 8x bonus is not just to be used to glo to glo calls, you can use it to call other networks as well.
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Meet The All New Huawei Mate 10 Pro SmartPhone

Meet the all new Huawei Mate 10 Pro as it is rumored to launch November 2017.
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New Song: African London Girl By Kolapo

kolapo new song

Just days after his #NorthsNotNot Photowalk and also discovering and rescuing Emmanuel Oyediran who happened to be a victim of colostomy prolapse, Kolapo has taken another step closer to his music career as he finally released his long announced Track "African London Girl".

Kolapo, also known as Kola Onifoto as you may have read Here is one of Nigeria's Most talented Young Naval Officer who also goes as a poet, Photographer as well as a singer.
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Huawei: Meet All New Huawei Y6 Pro (2017)

huawei y6 2017 version

From the stables of Huawei, the top selling smartphone brand after the iPhone, we've just received another news. this time it is the release of another astonishing device from Huawei.

This time, the new device has been named Y6 (2017) Pro which comes as a successor to Y6 Pro (2016) produced last year.

The 2017 version of the huawei Y6 pro was launched in europe and currently features some upgrades you wont find on  the previous version.
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GoodNews: TSTV To Launch October 1St With 11 Sports Channel In Nigeria

Tstv Subscription

As a Nigerian, it is another sports season when EPL is there with exciting games, Champions league, LA Liga and several other leagues to make weekends exciting. But the thing is, enjoying these fantastic games requires a very expensive DSTV subscription which may be a bit hard for some sports lovers and for this reason, I've got a great news for us all.
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iPhone x: 3 Things You Can Never Find On Iphone x But Will On iPhone 8+

iphone x features

Apple has really made it huge especially after the lunch of 2 beautiful smartphones named iPhone 8 ($699) and iPhone 8+ ($799). Aside from 8 and 8+. apple also made another product with a handful of features that were previously lacking in any of the old models and this made the iPhone x one of the most expensive devices ever made by the company.

Well, iPhone x may be all that expensive, but as you know, in real life, you can be taller than i am but you can never be shorter than me. With that line, i would like to make a list of 3 things iPhone 8 can do that will never be possible with iPhone x.
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iPhone X: Top 10 Features You'll Love

iphone x features

iPhone X is yet another mind blowing smartphone from the stables of Apple Inc. The device is indeed technologically endowed as its got features that would have you fall in love with it. Launching October 2017, buyers have been asked to expect the device delivered to them by November 2017.

The Device is currently prized $1,000 and i think its worth the prize especially as its got some key features as i have listed below.
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How To Fix USB Not Recognized On iPhones And Windows PC

Sometimes you just hit the best song from iTunes and would like to have same song on your iPad, iPhone or any other Apple device, you plug in your Device Via USB Only to discover the PC cannot recognize your device.

If You have been having this issues, here is how to fix USB not recognized issue on a Windows Pc.

This is usually denoted by "Unknown Error" or "0xE" on your pc but the steps below will help you clear this off and have that song transferred into your device.
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Biometric Security For Android And Apple Devices, My Opinion!

For Android, iPhone and other smartphones, biometric security is one of the beat technologies that's ever been invented by manufacturers, but here is one thing I found out about biometric security and my recommendation.
Its all about my fingerprint being scanned on the sensor in order to unlock the device, view pictures and other operations right?

Now on several occasions, I'll leave my phone on the bed and probably fall asleep as a result of my busy nights only to wake up and discover the phone is hot, I'll also discover the angle I dropped it is not the same angel I'll meet it which implies someone, probably my girlfriend, stubborn siblings or mum must have used it while I was asleep.
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Phone Alert: Apple Release Another Expensive Device iPhone 8

Today the world received yet another mind blowing device into the smartphone world as popular and most expensive brand Apple released her long awaited iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. iPhone 8 is a must have for all iPhone users as its packed with a lot of interesting features you don't wanna told about it.

The section below shows the complete specification of iPhone 8
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How Important Is Cryptocurrency Today

Just How important is Cryptocurrency in our world today? How would cryptocurrency affect the world of banking tomorrow?

Also discussed on this article is biometric banking as it would affect Nigerian banking sector in the future.
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Good News: Huawei Tops Apple And Samsung In The Global Market

Today i join hands to celebrate with Huawei as they have currently surpassed apple to become the second largest smartphone company in the world. This was according to a report released by Counterpoint for June and July period.
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Security: Reasons Why You'll Need A Passcode And PinCode For Your Phone And Sim Card As A Nigerian

Your Sim Card, your phone, your Facebook and your online banking details all linked on one device. Yet, your phone has no screen lock or passcode, your simcard has no pin request activated in this 21st century...
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Tutorial: 7 Common Issues Android Users Face And Possible Solutions

latest solution to android problems

I do not know about you iOs Users, but one thing i know is that my android phone sometimes display some funny characters that makes me wonder if its actually the same phone i bought with my money. Sometimes i cant even share files via Xender, Bluetooth takes a long time to connect, at other times the battery keeps running to the zero mark. I see all these, but i also know its just a device, its not perfect.
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Airtel Data: How To Browse The Internet With Airtel N300 Unlimited Social Bundle

latest unlimited browsing

Do you know you can enjoy up to 1GB Data On Airtel for just N300?  It is an Unlimited social bundle from the stables of #Airtel Nigeria that allows users have monthly access to #instagram, #Twitter, #Whatsapp, #Facebook and #Snapchat only. While on this social bundle package, you're not expected to be able to use the internet but i am going to show you how to browse the internet using Airtel N300 Social Bundle.
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Tutorial: Steps I Take To Repair My Wet Phone Without Spending $1

wet cell phone repair

Sometimes when i sit at the shop and watch a customer walking with a wet phone, i instantly begin to see steps he failed to take the moment his smartphone fell into water. On this post, you're going to learn some effective steps to take if your phone ever falls into water.

Please note that these steps can help you recover your phone and at least prevent some extra cost on repairs.
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Effective Steps To Reduce Data Consumption On Infinix Note 3 Pro And Other Devices

reduce data consumption on infinix

Hello There, You're welcome once again to a blog for everyone and today i would like to take us through the process of cutting down or reducing data consumption on your android devices and for this post i would be using an infinix Note 3 Pro as a case study.
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Tech: Microsoft Finally Acquires Cycle Computing

Microsoft has once again acquired another computing company called Cycle. Cycle is a Twelve-year old company with its base in Connecticut and focuses on helping companies organize high demanding computing jobs. Cycle as a computing firm also helps enterprises orchestrate large data workloads and handles other big computing tasks in the cloud. 
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Suggestion: How To Power Your Shop, Home Without Waiting For NEPA, Generator

how can i install solar power in nigeria

Today on i am going to talk about Solar Power, the benefit of installing a solar power system in your home and i will also give you details that could help you contact a very good agent or dealer when you want to install a solar Power System in your home but first. I am will also answer some important questions that may come to mind as you read through this post.

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Tutorial: How Can I Acquire Numerous Skills From Youtube As An MTN Subscriber

how to learn new skills combining mtn and youtube

If I tell you how much I've learnt with my daily N25 Investment you will not believe it. Truth is that MTN despite their useless Ghost data actually allocates real data for N25. This is a plan for only those on MTN iPulse.

With this plan, I've been able to learn quite a number of stuffs via YouTube and other online avenues of learning. I've also been able to obtain a certificate on Digital Marketing and several other things I cannot mention here.
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Scam Alert: A Cloned Version Of Exists - Beware And Be safe!

While we are earnestly waiting for the return of the Nigerian President who went to London to see the queen, information reaching schoolnaija has revealed that a lot has been going on in the #cryptocurrency world as some unscrupulous elements in their move to hack or trick cryptocurrency buyers, investors into revealing their login details has cloned the original websites of exchangers to deceive the unsuspecting investors, buyers and users.
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Glo Free Data Day: NCC Summons Globacom Boss Over #GloFreeDataDay Promo

NCC Summons Globacom Boss Over Free Data Day

Just at the very time Nigerian Internet Subscribers were hoping to finally download their long bookmarked movie links, youtube videos and more with Glo Free Data Day Promo, NCC Just came from No where and Put Sand Sand into their Garri.

Information Reaching Schoolnaija has shown that Globacom's intention to allocate 200MB Free data is a sure departure from what was signed by the NCC. This was an information conveyed through an official issued by NCC Commissioner for Stakeholders Management, Sunday Dare.
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Data Scam: Data Packages From Nigerian Internet Service Providers Is Like Scam To Me

Today on schoolnaija, i want to talk about popular Nigerian internet service providers and the things they do to their subscribers. This is a rant because i have in countless times been duped by these service providers.

As you know, In Nigeria, there are many internet service providers but on this post, i will talk about 4 most popular ones.

Among the popular internet service providers in Nigeria are MTN, Globacom, Airtel and 9Mobile. Now i am going to talk about my beef with these service providers and how it affects other users too.
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How To Successfully Reboot An Android Device To Safe Mode

Android safe mode

Today on i would be discussing on "How to Reboot Your Android Phone Into Safe Mode". I am doing this because recently, there's been a lot of issues with some android devices, issues which would be solved by rebooting the device into safe mode but because of ignorance, users had to spend for this to be done for them.

Firstly, i would like us to know what i mean by "Safe Mode"
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Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro Commence Sales Of 2017/2018 Direct Entry Forms

Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro has finally commence the sales of Direct Entry/Regular 2 forms. 

Delta State Polytechnic Admission form

This is a chance for you if you never wrote the just concluded JAMB 2017 exams but would love to gain admission into one of the prestigious polytechnics in the country. The form is available to those without jamb results.
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Tutorial: How You Can Successfully Install Old Version Of Whatsapp On iPhone 3G And 3GS

If you have been frustrated trying to install old version apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Viber in iPhone 3G and 3GS, you are not alone. For compatibility and other reasons, old version apps somehow stop working in old IOS firmware.
Largely for security related reasons, support for old apps stops as app developers require you upgrade them.
Apple too recommends you ditch your old iPhone hardware for a new one and replace old software with new releases.
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Tutorial: 8 Tips To Help You Remain Safe Online

Without wasting time, I'll like to quickly give you a list of important tips that would enable you exist on the internet world without loosing your self or your worth. 

This is very important because I see a lot of things training around as regards the internet world today. This is because everything now centers around the internet. Banking, e-commerce, information technology, etc. Everything now revolves around the internet. Even as far as fun!
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Tutorial: How Can I Get Original Follow Come Charger, Earpiece, USB Cord

I've just misplaced my Charger, Earpiece but would like to get it back. How can I get it back?

Why Do I Need The Original Charger?

Original chargers are the Charger that built my your phone manufacturer, for your phone. It charges faster and keeps your phone safe no matter what. It charges your phone with the right power requirements and completely charges your phone within a short time.
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Free Browsing: Get N3000 Worth Of Data + N1000 For Calls On Etisalat For Not Using Your Sim For 30 Days

Today on, i am going to give you the latest offer from our Etisalat, The Arab Telecom company that has come to stay In Nigeria while offering the best coverage on data, voice and other services.

Yes, You are going to be so amazed to learn that Etisalat Is currently offering N4,000 On every recharge of N200.
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How To Automatically Enable Always On Display on Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S7 While Charging

The Always On Display functionality on the Galaxy S8 and S7 remains one of my favorite features of the device. Samsung had first debuted this feature with the Galaxy S7 in 2016 and has kept refining it since then.
While Samsung says that using Always On Display will only lead to an additional battery drain of less than 1% per hour that’s not the case. The impact is significantly bigger than that and on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8, having the feature enabled could lead to the phone requiring a top-up late in the afternoon to make it through the evening.
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Scam Alert: Son Of Micco School Owner Wanted Over An Alleged 2.1M Bitcoin Scam

According to Zealmat Blog, Bitcoin  has become one of the most traded currency in Nigerian  community at large which has the highest value in market but Nigerians only use this currency to either shop online or convert it for naira, most web hosting company make use of this as one of their payment option which i think is a very nice development for our internet community.
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Meet Kola Onifoto: A Poet, Writer, A Soldier, A Photographer Feel His Latest Song Naija Which Way

"Naija which Way" is indeed one question that has been on the lips of every Nigerian citizen. Little wonder Kolapo, Nigeria's most promising photographer, and Poet decided to echoe this question for everyone.

Kolapo recently released his "Naija Which Way Track" and listening to the song, I think its one song you'd wanna put on repeat as you drive, as you go about your daily duties.
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Tutorial: How To Reclaim Your Phone If Password Changes On its Own

On two occasions I've seen people lose access to their android device. Not because they lost their password or had their phone left with someone but something within the phone had a new password ret on the device and so the previous password or latter, pin became useless.

How Can I Avoid This?

Be careful of the apps you download and the link you visit. This is because some sites are loaded with some autodownload link to different apps that could give access to a remote hacker or hijacker out there. This you'll just download to your phone even without knowing.
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Upcoming Devices: Tecno Phantom 7 Plus

Sorry schoolnaija may not have an exact picture of what tecno's next phantom device would be, but i have decided to forecast the few specs that would make the phantom 7 one of the must have devices for all.

Just Read Below!
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Phone Alert: Meet The All New Infinix S2 Pro

General Information

2G NetworkGSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G NetworkHSDPA 850 / 900 / 2100
4G NetworkYes
SIMDual mini SIM
StatusAnnounced April 2017


ColorsWhite, Black, Grey, Gold, Pink, Blue


TypeIPS, capacitive, touchscreen with 16,000,000 colors
Size5.2 inches, 720 x 1280 pixels, 282 pixels per inch

Memory And OS

Card slotMicroSD, up to 32GB
Internal16GB and 32GB versions
OSAndroid 6.0 Marshmallow
Processors1.3GHz octa-core Cortex-A53 CPU, MediaTek MT6753 chipset, Mali-T720 MP4 GPU


Alert typesVibration, MP3 ringtones
Audio port3.5mm jack


2GGPRS – up to 85.6 kbps; EDGE – up to 236.8 kbps
3GUp to 42.2 mbps downlink; Up to 5.67 mbps uplink
4GUp to 150 mbps downlink; Up to 50 mbps uplink
WIFIWi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Wi-Fi hotspot
BluetoothVersion 4.0
USBMicroUSB v2.0


Primary13MP, up to 4128 x 3096-pixel pictures camera with dual LED flash
Secondary13MP, up to 4128 x 3096-pixel pictures, dual camera


Capacity3000mAh Li-Ion battery
Talk time
Music play

Other Features

SensorsAccelerometer, Proximity, Compass, Fingerprint
MessagingSMS, MMS, Email, Push Mail, IM
Miscellaneous– FM Radio
– MP4/H.264/H.263/WMV player
– Image viewer and editor
– Document viewer and editor


Price levelAbout 120 USD
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Phone Alert: Meet The Latest LG Style 3 Plus

lg Stylo 3 Plus

LG Has once again launched a 5.70-inch touchscreen device with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. The launch was made this may 2017.

Called Stylo 3 Plus, a device which is powered by 1.4 GHz Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 Processor is designed with a 2GB Ram along with 32GB expandable internal storage. This can be expanded by having a MicroSD card placed on the device.

I know you're just after the camera, but i would like to tell you that the Stylo 3 Plus will make the best pics for your outings since it is designed with a 13-MP rear camera along with a 5MP selfie Camera.
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Phone Alert:Meet Huawei Y6II Compact

The All new Huawei Y6II Compact runs on android 6.0 marshmellow operating system which i think is one of the most popular platforms in the world today. The Marshmellow offers a high degree of Customized experience which makes Y6II One of the best devices you can ever own today.
Y6II Came with a massive 13 Megapixel primary camera which i think will help you make quality pictures. Aside from this, there is an 8 Megapixel selfie camera which i know will be a good choice for those having much love for group pictures.
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Tutorial: How To Download Prison Break Season 5

Remember 2010 when almost every home bought petrol and new DVD players just to watch Michael Scofield Tear Fox River Apart?

I also remember I cried so deep with my tears so hot, one could boil an egg in them when I saw Michael Scofield slowly die after rescuing Sara Tencredi and the rest.

Well, I've been watching the new Season 5 of the same prison Break and seeing my mentor Wentworth Miller do his thing along side T-Bag, Sucre and C-Note is another reason to be happy.
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Tutorial: How To Know The Current Price Of Phones In Nigeria

Unless you're getting one as a birthday gift or gift from a boo or friend, one of the most important question you'll always ask is "What is the price of the phone".

On this post, I'm going to talk about how to know the current price of phones on Nigeria and I hope this is going to help you as you shop for your phones.
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A Very Important Lesson From Big Brother Naija 2017 Reality Show

Another lesson from #BBNaija...

To me, Efe has won the mullah...
It doesn't make him the only winner. Truth is that even those that left the big brother house right from the first eviction and the young man that was disqualified for pressing without license are all winners...
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Question: When Is The Right Time To Register For A Payoneer Account

payoneer account

This post is for you if you have been wondering when to actually sign up for a payoneer account.

What is Payoneer?

Payoneer Account according to Schoolnaija On her Post on How to make Payoneer Pay You $25 Everytime a person registers for an account is an Internet based financial services providing company that allows users to receive payments through Prepaid Debit Cards (MasterCard). They provide services and debit cards in 200+ countries.

Having stated this, you'll then understand that Payoneer allows you accept payment from Most internet based companies like upwork, fiverr, google adsense, welocalize, 99designs, etc.

Now i guess Your Next Question would be...

When Can I Sign Up For A Payoneer Accoun?

Well, as soon as you're signing up on any of the freelancing websites mentioned above, you're supposed to sign up for an account with payoneer unless you would want to use other payment methods like Paypal which is not that reliable for most of the countries around the world.

Why Do You Recommend Payoneer?

Its simple, i have been using the services of payoneer for quite a number of years now and i can attest to the fact that they're quite reliable, even more reliable than paypal. Aside from being reliable, they also issue a mastercard which can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

How do I register For a Payoneer Account?

To be able to register, You need just a link which has been added on this post. In order to be able to register for a payoneer Account, Quickly follow this link or click Here...

After Registration, You Can find other useful topics that would enable you receive your payoneer MasterCard by following this link.

Do Not forget to register for your Payoneer Account using this link

I hope You found this useful
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Phone Alert: Meet The Latest Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone

So you're yet to see the all new samsung galaxy s8 smartphone just released by samsung?

Thats the picture above...

Below, i am going to make you see everything you'll need to know about the latest creation by samsung.
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Phone Alert: Meet The All New Xiaomi Mi6 Plus Smartphone

Xiaomi will surely be coming to a store near you with the upcoming Xiaomi Mi6. The future of smartphones is almost here as the fastest growing manufacturer of Android smartphones will become a worldwide release with the upcoming Mi6. The once limited market release in most Asian markets have quickly made Xiaomi the third leading smartphone brand in the world, and will soon be feature in markets worldwide.
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