Tutorial: How To Upgrade Your Blackberry 10 Device Using An Auto Loader File

As a Nigerian Living in the 21st Century, you'll understand when i say we're all chaser of good things. If you want to upgrade your BB OS, you will need to follow a few steps and gather a few items. First, you need a Windows-based PC, a USB cable for your phone and the correct OS downloaded from the forums. The OS will be in the form of .exe. (Note to Mac users: you need a bootcamp partition on your Mac in order to use the Mac OS.)
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Blackberry Upgrade: Now You Can Download The Latest Update For Your Blackberry z10, Q10,Q5 And Enjoy Whatsapp Forever

update for blackberry 10 devices

Some times ago, Whatsapp announced the discontinuation of its services on blackberry devices but later extended this to June 2017. But the truth is that the discontinuation is already here and has become a very big hit to all blackberry users, especially devices running on Blackberry 6/7 operating system Like 9900, 9930,9800, 9810 and several others since they currently can only make voice calls with their device.
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Update:Android 7.1.2 Update Now Rolling Out

Following the many request for an update, Google has finally begin to rollout an update for android Nougat with the 7.1.2 Beta and this is sent to all testers. This is an incremental update to squash bugs and refine existing features “along with a small number of enhancements for carriers and users." Perhaps, the update will enable VoLTE on some carriers.
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Top 12 Money Making Schemes Enjoyed By Nigerians

In Nigeria, a lot has happened within the last few months especially in the life of its citizens who are always looking for ways to make quick money. This drive for quick money became stronger as the tough recession hit the nation under the leadership of President Muhammad Buhari and as a result, citizens are left with no choice but to venture into anything that would fetch them some extra cash.
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Exposed: The Reason Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Caught Fire

In an effort to rebuild a badly tarnished reputation after numerous Galaxy Note 7 devices caught fire, Samsung offered an explanation Monday after a months long investigation: a battery design flaw, and later, faulty welding in replacement phones that were meant to stem the damage of the recall.
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Top 10 World Most Popular Soccer Prediction Sites

Today i want to talk about something different and this time, i am going to talk about soccer prediction sites. This is all about websites from where you can get the best soccer predictions every weekend.
Before i list the top 10 world best football prediction sites, i must admit It is not easy to guess the correct result or at least win big money easily and in a short time because it is still a game and if it was easy everyone would win. 
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Can't Wait For March 2017: I Think Samsung Galaxy 8 Will Look Like This...

Please do not mind the image above, but i think it is what samsung's galaxy s8 would look like when it is finally approved by march 2017. You can read through the specifications as we have compiled below.
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Featured: MMM Investment Scheme, The Idea Behind The Scheme

Call it MMM investment or MMM Global Investment or MMM South Africa or MMM-Office or whatever, the truth still remains That MMM is a Ponzi scheme by Sir Mavrodi that was introduced to bring some sense of help to ourselves. Following the recent crash of MMM Nigeria, There has been a lot of views about the scheme and the reason why it had to crash and today on schoolnaija.com, we bring you yet another opinion By Brian Jonah Dennis as he described the scheme with the following lines.
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Updated: Cheapest Data Plans On Etisalat And Their Subscription Codes For 2017

etisalat data plans

I do not know what is wrong with Glo Network these days, the truth is that for over 2 years now, i have been a regular subscriber with Glo. I love Glo because their data packages are quite cheap and i get a lot of bonus each time i recharge to buy a data plan, The network is also very fast with a speed over 3.5MB/S. But since the advent of 2017, i wonder what became of their sexy network. Everything became sour, even in my current location, i could hardly see 340KB/S and this is really very unusual and so i decided to port to another network.
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New Phone: Redmi Launches Snapdragon 625-Powered Note 4 In India

Having launched Redmi Note 4 in India, we are made to understand the phone has been designed to have 3 vaiants: These variants include the 2GB RAM with 32GB Storage, 3GB RAM with 32GB storage and lastly that with 4GB RAM with 64GB storage which is the most expensive of all.
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Tutorial: How To Quickly Delete Your Facebook Account Forever

How to deactivate facebook account totally

You rise each day and take a trip to Mark Zuckerberg's bustling casino. You arrive, hoping you might see familiar faces, but all the other gamblers are people you don't give a crap about. You shrug and head to a slot machine. You crank the lever for the thousandth time, cross your fingers and hope for a win.
Surprise: You're still a loser. But you'll be back in an hour -- maybe your luck will change.
Whether you realized it on your own or watched a TED talk, Facebook could be taking a toll on your mind, career and friendships. Depending on your age, you're likely spending 6-7 hours per week swiping through news (fake and real) and baby photos.
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Tutorial: 6 Ways To Free Up Some Space On Any Android Device

The Insufficient storage available" Notice is One of the most frustrating notification you'd never want to see on your android device especially when you have a very interesting Game or app to try out. At some other times, you get such notifications when you're about to capture a moment on video. If you're patient enough, you're gonna be able to free up some space and continue your snapping and capture every moment as you wish. 
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New Phone: Nokia Set To Release Another Amazing Device

nokia 6 device

After the production of Nokia's Lumia 638 back in 2014. It appeared like lumia 638 would be the last product from the brand. Today, world's renown smartphone maker known for her durable and slick devices has decided to hit the Smartphone world with yet another breath taking device, Nokia 6.

Nokia 6 is a Nokia-Branded Mid-Range smartphone exclusive to the Chinese Market. Nokia 6 will be the first smartphone coming from HMD Globa and is created through the partial divestment of Nokia's device division.
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How To Quickly Create A Micro Niche Blog And Make Money Online With Zero Investment

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Rumored: Get A Glimpse Of What Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 Would Look Like

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
This is the exact look of the next smartphone to succeed Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung. The device is rumored to be one of the most exceptional devices ever made by Samsung. No doubt, Samsung is really ready to continue to soar high in the smartphone market with her Breathtaking devices.
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