Tutorial: How To Get Over 500% Bonus On Every Recharge On Airtel And 200% On MTN

Today you're going to learn how to get over 500% of your recharge on Airtel network. This I guess is very nice in this recession time since one may not always have a spare cash to spend on recharge cards.

The thing is, this 500% bonus spans for 14 days which means you can actually keep using it till you have enough cash to buy another recharge card.

This post is created for Airtel subscribers in Nigeria only as this code may not work outside the boundaries of Nigeria.

HOW Can I Get 500% For Every Recharge?

The answer is simple.
Quickly switch on your phone with Airtel Service Identification Module inside, buy a recharge card and follow the code I will write below

Dial *555* Recharge Pin#
Now send the command and wait.
I hope you've gotten the confirmation message.

For MTN subscribers, kindly follow all the instructions above but this time, you have to dial

*888*Recharge Card Pin#
Now send the command.

You must have gotten your co formation by now.
Enjoy your bonus and share with other.