Onyinye Ndupu Facebookally Whipped Black Face's A*ss Over His Blasting 2Baba's Feb 5th Nation Wide Protest

Still on 2baba's Nation Wide Protest coming up March 5th 2017. This protest has raised a lot of dust in Nigeria especially with the Blasts coming from Professor, Akindele Adetoye and #BlackFace. These 2 persons have indeed made some comments that made people wonder if they're actually sane.

No wonder Miss Onyinye Ndupu, My Facebook friend had these to say to Black Face.

"Good Morning Blackface. I hope you slept well? Honey I really don't care if you did, so let's just come out straight. 
You seem to like the phrase, "Let me tell you something" a lot, so I want to tell you something.
You're ridiculous. And your ridiculousness only helps me question the truth in your claim to have co-written "African Queen". Like how can your goat brain come up with that kind of song?
You are heart broken, yeah? What has that got to do with what is happening now??

You are asking him what he has done for Benue? Well what have you done for your own people?
What the fuck do you mean by "Fruitful past?" Dude! You are a mess!

He stole your song and destroyed Plantain boys eh? 
What have you done with your life since then? I will answer it for you. Nothing! Because while you were too busy stuck up in your ass thinking about how 2Face destroyed you and your group, 2face and Faze were making a meaning out of their life before Faze finally dropped.

This daftness is the reason why he stole the song before you. Heck! If he didn't steal it, my stakes would be that Faze will. You? You can't do it. Because you are not well.
You are the reason Nollywood still thinks it is cool to act movies where people Cage other people's destiny and put them in a bottle. 2face put you in a Babalawo's bottle huh?๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Hate 2face all you want and blame him for the death of the Chicken in your house and all other beef you have with him, but do not let bitterness cloud your judgment. 
You do not need to support him, hell no! 
But stop criticizing his good works.
Move on Bro. Give him the side eye and waka pass. You are beginning to sound like a frustrated Nollywood mothers in-law.
What he is doing is a good thing to do regardless of who thinks it is cool or not. 
We are not begging you to stop spewing diarrhea from your mouth because we think your opinion means anything. We just want you to stop disgracing yourself and the 25followers you probably still have left.

Spend this energy on writing songs and chasing your dreams (you still got any?) And you might just drop something sexy this year. 
 It is never too late to do the right thing.

PS: Augustine, this is 2017, people no longer strike that ridiculous pose where you shove your hand in front of the camera, trying too hard to look like a gangster, it is disturbing. Thank you.

Aside from Onyinye Ndupu, Other Stars like Ruggedman and several others have fired a lot of comments against Black face and i think black face's Comments may be due to some personal Frustrations or beef against the progress of 2Baba.

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