Rumour: Nigerian Government Bans The Use Of Whatsapp

Nigeria ban whatsapp?

Do You know Whatsapp? Yea man!, it an application that allows a user chat, text and do video call, voice call, send documents (If You have installed the latest updates from playstore), Videos and all that stuff.

The thing is Whatsapp has actually become one of the world's most used Mobile messaging Application and the most interesting part is that it supports all platforms. I said this because you may not have heard that whatsapp can actually be installed on a Windows and Mac Pc especially windows Pc running windows 8.1 and windows 10.

Now Whatsapp also runs on all versions of android, iOS, Blackberry OS and all other platforms that i may not be aware of.

Now do you know that Nigerians Abroad actually finds it easier to call on whatsapp that regular voiced calls that attracts so much bills?

Do you know that Whatsapp presents the most economic way of communication between friends, lovers and colleagues, even corporate bodies, Religious bodies and several others?

Do you also know that most of these quick money schemes like Twinkas and Donationhub have whatsapp groups hosted by guiders?

Do you also know that some Internet marketers conduct a lot of tutorials using the whatsapp Group feature?

Now i have been thinking about this for a while and i do not know how it really sounds but i nor send sha. I have been thinking about this for a couple of days now and always smile everytime i think about it.

What if NCC, Federal Government Bans the use of Whatsapp in Nigeria?

What do you think would be the fate of those whose life depends on it?
what would be the fate of those whose businesses have gained a lot through the use of whatsapp groups?

Lets Think About It...

Having known these few important facts about whatsapp for nigerians, what if it gets banned in Nigeria?

Are we going to Die?

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