Tutorial: Things You Must Do In Order To Get Your Payoneer Card In 2 Weeks

This post is for you if you've been trying to get your payoneer card for sometime now but unable to due to some things you don't even understand.

First, you need to understand that
Payoneer is an Internet based financial services providing company that allows users to receive payments through Prepaid Debit Cards (MasterCard). They provide services and debit cards in 200+ countries.

Payoneer offers Free MasterCard without having an International or local bank account. Using Payoneer Card, we can withdraw our funds from anywhere in the world through MasterCard supported ATM machine.

Having known about payoneer, I know you're quite interested and would love to have a payoneer card.

If you're a Nigerian, you'll agree that its somewhat difficult to get a payoneer card especially if you do not know how to go about the process, but on this page today, I will explain how to get your card delivered within 2 weeks.

2 weeks?

Yes! 2 weeks is enough for it to get here and here are the things you need to do in order to have it delivered to you.

Now you'll need to enter your address and postal code, phone number and  your country which is Nigeria (Unless you're not reading from Nigeria)

After this, you'll be asked for some means of ID. This could be Voter's Card, National ID, drivers License or School ID card.

Just enter the ID number and relax.

Enter your date of birth and if you can, create a security question for your payoneer account as this prevents unnecessary hacks and all that stuff.

Now submit your application 

After submitting your application, you need to contact payoneer customer service through email.

Yours gonna send them an email with the subject "Payoneer Card"
Now start with your name (The name you used to create your payoneer account)

Enter your payoneer email

Here is an example

"Hello There
I am Tunde ibraheem Chioma, with I have just submitted my application and would like my card to be delivered to me ASAP"

Send this email and wait for their reply...

As they reply, you'll be asked to send the following details

1. State
2. Address
3. City
4. Country
5. Identity card (This could be voters card, national ID, int'l Passport, School ID, depending on what you have at the moment, but make surd its a government issued I'd)
Its best you snap the identity card and send to them or scan it if you have the means of doing so.

Send these and wait for 2 weeks.

Please note, in some cases where you've already applied, but get to get the card, you may need to enter the address of the most functional Post Office along with your phone number and name and send to them.

This is just all you need to be able to receive your Payoneer Card within 2 weeks.

You can leave a comment below or use the contact details to reach me for more.

You can also comment on the challenges you're having after doing this and I promise I will get your card for you.

Where Can I Use a Payoneer Account?

Now if you're wondering where you can use your Payoneer account, Fiverr is a good place to use it, you can also use it to receive money from google AdSense and upwork.

Can i use the payoneer card card on Any ATM?

Yes you can

Can I use payoneer card to shop online?

Yes you can

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