A Very Important Lesson From Big Brother Naija 2017 Reality Show

Another lesson from #BBNaija...

To me, Efe has won the mullah...
It doesn't make him the only winner. Truth is that even those that left the big brother house right from the first eviction and the young man that was disqualified for pressing without license are all winners...

Some would even hammer more than the winner. Take for instance Timi Dakolo and Omawumi...

You'll be shocked to the bone to discover that majority if Nigerians actually know Omawumi more than they know Timi Dakolo, yet Timi Dakolo won the project fame of that season while Omawumi was the next to him.

There are several more...

What I'm saying is, while you may not make it to the front page in your endeavours, while you may not be the winner in all, always try out something...

TBoss may be the most hated of all, but if you look closely, she'll still get the best contracts out there. Contracts that most of us, even me wen dey claim say I sabi sing National Anthem when i used to sing it anyhowly back in secondary school cannot bag...

That's life. kemeni left for pressing bress, yet, he would be signing some contract for some company out there.

Debie Rise to me is the most favored of all contestants. Despite her fame before going to the house, she recorded a track which I guess will make the waves soon as I already have it on my phone.

So its not really about winning or Efe. Everybody that's taken part in this reality show is a winner. Non of them will ever remain the same as they used to be...

Get up, try something. Contests for an election and fail, its an experience political science won't teach you, buy Gulder Ultimate Search form and come out last of all, you've had the experience Geography never thought you back in secondary school.

What's wrong if you fail out from your university or became a drop out or something, its a lesson you'll live till the day you die and j bet you no professor, not even Sole Soyinka himself cab teach you that.

Along the line, don't forget that life is not a place for what you see. If it should have been by muscle and big chest or 6 packs, Efe won't even come close, Kemeni is a fitness trainer, if it was by butts or Ikebe, Bisola will be the winner, if it was all about the prettiest, I guess TBoss would have a slot along with TTT but its beyond that.

Always be real and never say its too late to try something

Never be discouraged go try something new and always remember that your failure today could either make you better or show you how to come out better next time...

It was a good show for us all


©MrPinner 2017


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