Tutorial: How To Know The Current Price Of Phones In Nigeria

Unless you're getting one as a birthday gift or gift from a boo or friend, one of the most important question you'll always ask is "What is the price of the phone".

On this post, I'm going to talk about how to know the current price of phones on Nigeria and I hope this is going to help you as you shop for your phones.

Actually, the only way to check for the current price of phones in Nigeria is to use the online tool.

This online tool is only found in online shops like #Jumia, #Yudala, #Slots, #Konga. The trusted online shops in Nigeria.

How Do You Know the Price Of the Phone?

Its simple...
All you need is the name of the phone.

Quickly go to any of the online shops mentioned above by using their URL eg.

As the page comes live, type in the name of the phone you're looking for and wait for the search result to come up.

You're gonna be seeing a lot of different prices for the same phone.

Now put your mind on the most expensive of these prices and make sure you note the spec of the particular phone.

Here is where the price comes.

For online shops, there is always a +N2,000 addition to the actual price of the phone compared to what it costs in the market.

For example, when I Bought my Infinix Note 3 Pro, I searched for it on Slots website and even went to their shop to look for the phone.

There, I was told it costs #72,500. As a Warri boy, I went to Robinson Plaza, Warri. First I went to RewJido and was told it sells for #70,000.

I nodded my head and walked to my customer's shop. I asked how much the same Infinix Note 3 costs and she said its #68,000.

I fought for a reduction and we finally agreed for #66,000. Now that's how I was able to buy my phone at a 6,000 difference from what the online shops sold.

You can do this for all other phone brands like Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, Techno, Gionee, Gretel, injoo and I'm sure you'll see the difference.

OK. Now that's how to know the current price of a phone in Nigeria without stress.

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