Tutorial: How To Reclaim Your Phone If Password Changes On its Own

On two occasions I've seen people lose access to their android device. Not because they lost their password or had their phone left with someone but something within the phone had a new password ret on the device and so the previous password or latter, pin became useless.

How Can I Avoid This?

Be careful of the apps you download and the link you visit. This is because some sites are loaded with some autodownload link to different apps that could give access to a remote hacker or hijacker out there. This you'll just download to your phone even without knowing.

This happened to my brother too. I guess its common with android version 5.

What Do I do In Order Not To Loose My Photos, Conacts, Etc?

You can backup your pictures using google photos or google drive, you cab sync your contacts via your gmail account.

As for other files, music videos and all that stuff, get then loaded onto a laptop and then you can come and bring your offering later on.

My simcard  currently has nk contact inside ooo.

But I have over 400 contacts on my phone.

I always sync anytime I have a new contact saved on my phone so even if I loose my phone or factory reset it, the moment I relog on with my gmail account, I click on sync, sit back and relax. After a few seconds, my contacts will be restored.

Now if you always backup your contacts to space, and your pics on google drive, all you'll need is to redownload over a WiFi if you happen to reset your phone.

Only Visit Good Sites and avoid some Download Sites.

There are some website you visit, you'll discover you clicked on no link, but another tab opens or something begins to download even though you never click on any download icon.

This is where the virus or spyware that resets your password comes from.

What Do I Do If My Phone Password Resets?

Some be patient. After a while the password you'd set may return. But this does not mean you keep using it. Once you've regained access to your device, backup your data and do ahard reset. You can do a factory reset also.

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