Tutorial: 8 Tips To Help You Remain Safe Online

Without wasting time, I'll like to quickly give you a list of important tips that would enable you exist on the internet world without loosing your self or your worth. 

This is very important because I see a lot of things training around as regards the internet world today. This is because everything now centers around the internet. Banking, e-commerce, information technology, etc. Everything now revolves around the internet. Even as far as fun!

To me the best fun comes from my time on Facebook and developing this blog through which I'm able to touch many lives like you reading this post. So in order to help you stay safe, I'm giving you 8 tips that would enable you stay on the internet without being hacked, without loosing your Identity code how can I stay safe on The Internet?

1. Keep Your Device Secured: It could be an android phone, iPhone or even a PC. But how secured is it? Is it like a public place where everyman can walk in and walk out without any form of restriction? Change now. 

There are many ways to secure your device. If its a PC, you could install a security device, if it's an android phone, you can install a pattern, password or pass code. You could even use voice unlock or the recent Biometric security option using your finger print.

2. Always Think Before You Act: This is very important. Do you know why? The internet is filled with scammers and hackers, but there are also the good ones like myself too. Now if its a scammer, they'll ask you to "Click Here to Get $xx" now ask yourself this question.

If I'm to earn $25 for clicking on a link and there over 5 billion people in the world, how much does he have to pay these billions of clickers? Now you get the gist huh? Yes, its a scam. Don't click on that link else, you may loose your Login security.

3. Avoid Suspicious Websites: Yes. There are philsing sites. These sites would clone resemblance of other top level sites like Facebook and twitter and would send these scripts to you through an email or embedded links and the very moment you click on these, you'll be prompted to enter your password. Now listen carefully. The very moment you enter your password, it'll be sent to them and in turn, they'll gain access to your account and could use same for any thing they desire. 
This could happen to your bank details, twitter details, Facebook details and whatever social network that requires passwords and username. So if its not the real website, its fake! Do not log in, do not submit.

4. Keep Your Password Safe: Well, I really have all my password stored in my head and no where else. To me I feel this is the very best place to save my password. Aside from this, I won't even disclose to anyone. Not even my wife. No that love doesn't exist. Yes, its a Personal Identification Number or series of words that should be known to me and me alone.

So if I disclose to anyone, I'll be harming myself in the process so no sharing at all. But you can have your password saved in a secure place.

I'm not gonna mention places here but you know where to keep it in order to take it off from the eyes of the public, even from the eyes of your closes friends and family. Yes Keep your Password Secure.

5. When At A Public Internet Facility, Reject Browser Request To Remember Password. This is common with Google Chrome and Firefox and other browsers too. Just click on "Never" whenever it pops up.

6. Always Log Off From Your Accounts After Using a Public Internet Facility: Yes... I walk into a cafe to get some stuff done. I log on to the computer and type Do you know what I found?

An account has been left active there. Probably the owner thought its logged off. Now if I was a bad guy like others, I'll do things with the account. Things the owner wouldn't do at all. That's simply because he refused or forgot to log out of his account before leaving the internet café.
So always ensure you log off whenever you leave the internet cafe. Its very important.

7. Always Back-Up Your Data: Your contact, Document, pictures and other important details on your device deserve to be kept at a place where sudden crash will not make them invalid or unavailable. For example. Most times the one thing complained by those who loose their phone us their data. 

Oh I lost my phone, my contacts gone, my photos gone too! Yes! But if you backed them up to google drive, all you'll need is to sync the moment you get a new device. and they're back....!

8. Activate 2 Factor Authentication: This means the moment you log on to your account with your normal password, you're also prompted to enter another password that'll be sent to your phone via text or other ways. This is a very string way to keep your social media account (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) strong.

It simply means when a hacker has your password, he would be required to enter another series if codes sent to your phone mostly via text.

It makes your account secure to a very large extent.

Yea. If you've taken these 8 steps, I'm sure your account and device would be very secured for use without loosing your identity or getting hacked. 

This is a very important tip for everyone out there who wishes to enjoy the internet.

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