Security: Reasons Why You'll Need A Passcode And PinCode For Your Phone And Sim Card As A Nigerian

Your Sim Card, your phone, your Facebook and your online banking details all linked on one device. Yet, your phone has no screen lock or passcode, your simcard has no pin request activated in this 21st century...
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Tutorial: 7 Common Issues Android Users Face And Possible Solutions

latest solution to android problems

I do not know about you iOs Users, but one thing i know is that my android phone sometimes display some funny characters that makes me wonder if its actually the same phone i bought with my money. Sometimes i cant even share files via Xender, Bluetooth takes a long time to connect, at other times the battery keeps running to the zero mark. I see all these, but i also know its just a device, its not perfect.
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Airtel Data: How To Browse The Internet With Airtel N300 Unlimited Social Bundle

latest unlimited browsing

Do you know you can enjoy up to 1GB Data On Airtel for just N300?  It is an Unlimited social bundle from the stables of #Airtel Nigeria that allows users have monthly access to #instagram, #Twitter, #Whatsapp, #Facebook and #Snapchat only. While on this social bundle package, you're not expected to be able to use the internet but i am going to show you how to browse the internet using Airtel N300 Social Bundle.
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Tutorial: Steps I Take To Repair My Wet Phone Without Spending $1

wet cell phone repair

Sometimes when i sit at the shop and watch a customer walking with a wet phone, i instantly begin to see steps he failed to take the moment his smartphone fell into water. On this post, you're going to learn some effective steps to take if your phone ever falls into water.

Please note that these steps can help you recover your phone and at least prevent some extra cost on repairs.
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Effective Steps To Reduce Data Consumption On Infinix Note 3 Pro And Other Devices

reduce data consumption on infinix

Hello There, You're welcome once again to a blog for everyone and today i would like to take us through the process of cutting down or reducing data consumption on your android devices and for this post i would be using an infinix Note 3 Pro as a case study.
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Tech: Microsoft Finally Acquires Cycle Computing

Microsoft has once again acquired another computing company called Cycle. Cycle is a Twelve-year old company with its base in Connecticut and focuses on helping companies organize high demanding computing jobs. Cycle as a computing firm also helps enterprises orchestrate large data workloads and handles other big computing tasks in the cloud. 
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Suggestion: How To Power Your Shop, Home Without Waiting For NEPA, Generator

how can i install solar power in nigeria

Today on i am going to talk about Solar Power, the benefit of installing a solar power system in your home and i will also give you details that could help you contact a very good agent or dealer when you want to install a solar Power System in your home but first. I am will also answer some important questions that may come to mind as you read through this post.

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Tutorial: How Can I Acquire Numerous Skills From Youtube As An MTN Subscriber

how to learn new skills combining mtn and youtube

If I tell you how much I've learnt with my daily N25 Investment you will not believe it. Truth is that MTN despite their useless Ghost data actually allocates real data for N25. This is a plan for only those on MTN iPulse.

With this plan, I've been able to learn quite a number of stuffs via YouTube and other online avenues of learning. I've also been able to obtain a certificate on Digital Marketing and several other things I cannot mention here.
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Scam Alert: A Cloned Version Of Exists - Beware And Be safe!

While we are earnestly waiting for the return of the Nigerian President who went to London to see the queen, information reaching schoolnaija has revealed that a lot has been going on in the #cryptocurrency world as some unscrupulous elements in their move to hack or trick cryptocurrency buyers, investors into revealing their login details has cloned the original websites of exchangers to deceive the unsuspecting investors, buyers and users.
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Glo Free Data Day: NCC Summons Globacom Boss Over #GloFreeDataDay Promo

NCC Summons Globacom Boss Over Free Data Day

Just at the very time Nigerian Internet Subscribers were hoping to finally download their long bookmarked movie links, youtube videos and more with Glo Free Data Day Promo, NCC Just came from No where and Put Sand Sand into their Garri.

Information Reaching Schoolnaija has shown that Globacom's intention to allocate 200MB Free data is a sure departure from what was signed by the NCC. This was an information conveyed through an official issued by NCC Commissioner for Stakeholders Management, Sunday Dare.
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Data Scam: Data Packages From Nigerian Internet Service Providers Is Like Scam To Me

Today on schoolnaija, i want to talk about popular Nigerian internet service providers and the things they do to their subscribers. This is a rant because i have in countless times been duped by these service providers.

As you know, In Nigeria, there are many internet service providers but on this post, i will talk about 4 most popular ones.

Among the popular internet service providers in Nigeria are MTN, Globacom, Airtel and 9Mobile. Now i am going to talk about my beef with these service providers and how it affects other users too.
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How To Successfully Reboot An Android Device To Safe Mode

Android safe mode

Today on i would be discussing on "How to Reboot Your Android Phone Into Safe Mode". I am doing this because recently, there's been a lot of issues with some android devices, issues which would be solved by rebooting the device into safe mode but because of ignorance, users had to spend for this to be done for them.

Firstly, i would like us to know what i mean by "Safe Mode"
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