Tutorial: How Can I Acquire Numerous Skills From Youtube As An MTN Subscriber

how to learn new skills combining mtn and youtube

If I tell you how much I've learnt with my daily N25 Investment you will not believe it. Truth is that MTN despite their useless Ghost data actually allocates real data for N25. This is a plan for only those on MTN iPulse.

With this plan, I've been able to learn quite a number of stuffs via YouTube and other online avenues of learning. I've also been able to obtain a certificate on Digital Marketing and several other things I cannot mention here.

In fact, I want to boldly say I've earned and learnt a lot with this cheap data plan. The only thing is that I've got this prevalent pain deep in my head. Probably because of the many nights of sleeplessness. But one thing is sure. I'll keep learning, I'll keep investing my small N25 in order to gain more knowledge as would be paramount to my blogging and writing career.

You can benefit too.

How You Can Benefit From MTN N25 Data Plan

Depending on your skills and aspirations and the particular knowledge you may want to gain, you can simply buy this data plan, search on topics relating to your skills in YouTube and use these to better and enhance your skills.

What Can I Learn On YouTube?

You can learn Almost EVERYTHING via YouTube. All you need is a good internet connection and the same INTEREST YOU PUT IN WATCHING YOUR FAVORITE NAIJA MOVIES (I know some of you can still recall "Idemili", a movie you watched a long time ago). Instead of watching movies, learn things that can build you up and make you more useful to your future.

If you're a or a wanna-be caterer, Cake Maker, Mechanic, Social Media Personnel, Blogger, Data Analyst, Programmer, Graphics designer, Builder, Fashion designer, etc, you can widen out via YouTube and improve upon yourself.

Even if you're a Novice, you know nothing at all, you can start from the scratch so long as you know what you want to learn on YouTube

I know you may not have the right devices like Laptop, but your android phone alone is enough, you can write down the steps highlighted by the gurus you'll be learning from.

Get your phone, Sim card, Earpiece and a Writing Pad or Notebook and with these, you'll acquire so Much knowledge that'll be helpful to you in the nearest future.

In Nigeria, Degrees and Diplomas are fading out as over 65% of Nigerian graduates including myself are unemployed whereas, a great number of these youths are digitally employed.

These graduates earn and live comfortable lives even without raising their Degrees. How? Through the skills they've gained digitally.

Must I Go To YouTube?

The answer to this question is No and Yes, such a tricky question right? Well, as for me, the internet is a whole world on its own. Little wonder all webpage connects with the "www" meaning World Wide Web. Another Wonder they refer to links as "URL" meaning Universal Resource Locator - a resource it is indeed. Has everything you'll need just a few clicks away.

There are other resources out there aside from YouTube.

While YouTube gives you the visual steps,.blogs and websites that can be reached by entering a KEYWORDS on google are there with a lot of useful content to fortify your knowledge bank.

Instagram is another place to learn as some gurus in specific fields are there with their videos to teach you.

There are uncountable sources for you to improve your skills dear.

Do you know some researchers are able to compile a 3000 page Article without going to a lab? Even without questionnaires as they usually are able to make their assumptions from the resources that are retrieved from the Internet.

You too can. I know some ladies who learned to Tie Igele, Make up and all that via YouTube, Instagram and other related social network sites and are training others with such skills for a fee today. You too can create your own space.

How Do I Buy This N25 MTN Data?

If you have an MTN Sim, simply Dial *406# if you're already on the iPulse tariff plan but if you're not, dial 1 to migrate when the prompt page comes up.

Now Simply Send "Night" as an sms to "131"
You'll get a response telling you your subscription was successful. Now you can insert that sim on a moderm and begin to flex

How Much Data Will I Be Allocated On MTN N25 Midnight Data Plan?

On buying this data Plan, you'll be allocated a total Of 500MB that must be exhausted or would expire by 4:00AM.

Do I Have To Pay To Use YouTube?

Not at all. YouTube is a space for everyone. It is free to use.

Now You know the reason why you'll always see me online at midnight. I hope you'll SHARE this on your timeline as I'm sure it'll help someone out there.

Thank you for reading and sharing!

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