Scam Alert: A Cloned Version Of Exists - Beware And Be safe!

While we are earnestly waiting for the return of the Nigerian President who went to London to see the queen, information reaching schoolnaija has revealed that a lot has been going on in the #cryptocurrency world as some unscrupulous elements in their move to hack or trick cryptocurrency buyers, investors into revealing their login details has cloned the original websites of exchangers to deceive the unsuspecting investors, buyers and users.

This has already affected, Blockchain as we speak. Having Affected these two, i also know other exchanger websites would be clone in the nearest future if not already.

It was also revealed that Payoneer, One of the online banking services that provides users a Prepaid Card with which they can access their funds in any ATM Worldwide has also been cloned.

Thanks To Nigerian Internet Marketers Tom Blaize Gabriel and Olawale Isaac Odejide Who made this known to unsuspecting users like myself and others out there.

In order to help you identify the real and authentic exchanger websites, The following  Screenshots has been provided to guide you especially when you want to log on to your wallet in order to make transactions for this is when your details would be hijacked and used against your funds.

How Do I Know A Fake Bittrex Website?

in order to know the original Bittrex website,

1. Type "Bittrex" On google search and wait for the results to appear.

2. Let the image below guide you 

bittrex cloned site
The first link from google search shows "" - a cloned version of

Shows the login Page Of - a cloned version of
The link "" is a scam. The link "" is the authentic webpage for all those with Bittrex bitcoin wallet.

This has also affected "" which has been cloned to "" so be careful and look closely before you login With your details

Payoneer Philsing Site

According to Mr Olawale Isaac Odejide, There also exists a phishing site for Payoneer users. This is a site that would hijack your Payoneer login details so you have to look closely when you're about to access your payoneer Account.

The fake Payoneer Website is "" it has a meta Description that is very different from that of

The aim Of This post is to help you stay off cloned bittrex and payoneer pages as this would keep you safe.

How To Trade Safely With Your Bitcoin

1. Always check the link before you log in
2. it is and now, it is and not


  1. Thanks man for alerting us especially for Payoneer Philsing Site

    1. You're very much welcome dear. We keep doing all we can to help one another.