Effective Steps To Reduce Data Consumption On Infinix Note 3 Pro And Other Devices

reduce data consumption on infinix

Hello There, You're welcome once again to a blog for everyone and today i would like to take us through the process of cutting down or reducing data consumption on your android devices and for this post i would be using an infinix Note 3 Pro as a case study.

Before now, i could use any internet plan for a number of weeks on my device (Infinix Note 3) But after a while, i discovered that the data runs so fast, i could buy the same data i used for 3 weeks every week. This almost put some hole on my pocket and so i decided to look beyond my screen as i searched through every app on the device to know the source of data consumption.

While going through my apps, i stumbled on to a Custom App called "xManager". The xManager App on infinix phones is designed to help you perform a lot of operations which would be explained in other posts.

So to be able to reduce data consumption on any infinix device especially Infinix Note 3, all you'll need is to locate this app on your device and follow the steps pictured below.

Here Are 4 Effective Steps To Help You Reduce Data Consumption On Infinix Note 3

1. Locate the xManager App From Your Home screen (You can see from the image below)

xmanager infinix

2. Locate "Network Manager" On the xManager Environment

infinix note 3 network manager
This takes you to all apps on the device that uses your network. Now you have to look out for those whose access to network is already restricted by default and ignore.

3. Look out for those with access to data network and toggle the blue switch to restrict their access to your data network as shown below

 how to restrict data connection for apps

As soon as you toggle the switch, the blue icon will have a different color. 

Please this operation should be carried out on apps you really do not use regularly or have no use for. This ensures Your data is not used for things that are not useful to you.

4. To wrap it up, you can use "Bandwidth manager" to restrict the amount of data you use on your device daily or weekly.

That is how to Cut down or reduce Data Consumption On Your Infinix device especially Infinix Note 3 and Note 3 Pro.

It is also applicable to other devices from infinixMobility.

Now You Can share with others to enable them cut down or reduce data consumption on their device.

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