Tutorial: Steps I Take To Repair My Wet Phone Without Spending $1

wet cell phone repair

Sometimes when i sit at the shop and watch a customer walking with a wet phone, i instantly begin to see steps he failed to take the moment his smartphone fell into water. On this post, you're going to learn some effective steps to take if your phone ever falls into water.

Please note that these steps can help you recover your phone and at least prevent some extra cost on repairs.

How Do I Fix A Wet Phone?

If Your mobile phone ever falls into water, cup of coffee or any fluid, here are the steps you could take to recover your phone.

1. Take Off The Battery: This is the first step you should take as the owner of the device. Just pick it up and ensure you remove the battery within 20 seconds. I know some users would stop at switching off the device but that's not enough. Take off the battery as shown below.

how can i remove a phone battery

2. Dismantle Your Phone: This is only advisable if you have some knowledge on how to dismantle your phone. I said this because some smartphones we have today have their screws hidden where you cant even reach but if you have the screw driver and can dismantle or can see the screws, you can unscrew them and dismantle the device in order to allow heat dry off moisture from it.

how to dismantle a smartphone

3. Ensure You Dry The Circuit Board Completely: Firstly you need to understand that the circuit board is that green colored panel you see just as soon as you open your phone and remove the battery.

In order to dry the circuit or panel, you can expose it to direct sunlight or a hair dryer or quickly take to a repair shop where they can place it on a heater or blower.

4. Dry The Spare Parts Too: The casing a long with other components should be dried in order to ensure there is no trace of moisture or water left in the phone. While doing this however, you're to ensure the LCD is kept safe as it could just be one of the most expensive and most delicate part of the device (Eg Samsung).

5. Reassemble The Device: Now that you're done with the above steps, after a few minutes or hours if you used the normal sunlight method, reassemble the phone by making sure all components are replaced from where they're taken out from.

Now thats how to repair and fix a wet phone. Please be sure to locate a repairer if you do not have the right screw drivers requird to unscrew the phone. 

When you've taken all the steps above, i am now going to tell you how to know if your phone comes on again.

Step 1: Press On The power button. If it comes up, You're one lucky guy but if your pressing the device brought no action from the phone, take step 2 below

Step 2: Connect it to a Pc and see if it gets detected. If It is detected by the pc, then you have some $5 hope lol. if its detected, update the software online and switch it on afterwards but if it is not detected by the computer, take step 3 below

Step 3: Dismantle the phone again and allow some more intense heat all over the PCB and repeat "steps 1-2" above.

If it works, you're a lucky man, simply means you'll have no need for a repair shop but if the reverse is the case, then you may need to visit a repair shop.

Traditional Way Of Repairing a Wet Phone.

After cleaning the wet device, you could submerge in a bag of rice or beans (African method) in order to allow the grains absorb the moisture from the device.

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