Tutorial: 7 Common Issues Android Users Face And Possible Solutions

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I do not know about you iOs Users, but one thing i know is that my android phone sometimes display some funny characters that makes me wonder if its actually the same phone i bought with my money. Sometimes i cant even share files via Xender, Bluetooth takes a long time to connect, at other times the battery keeps running to the zero mark. I see all these, but i also know its just a device, its not perfect.

Here are some tricks to help you fix some common problems if you're an android user in Nigeria.

1. Battery Drains Anyhow
This is one of the most common problems android users face in Nigeria. Probably because we tend to over use stuffs sometimes but let me also point out to you that one of the easiest ways to prevent your battery from running to the 0 meter mark is:

How to stop Battery From Draining Fast

Turn off your location services, reduce brightness of the screen.
You just have to stop using the "Auto Brightness" and turn down the screen brightness to somewhere below halfway or to a level that is just enough for you to see what you do on your phone.

This is why some new phones like infinix, gionee, Techno has this "Ultra Power" Feature that allows you shutdown some power intensive apps especially when you have no use for them

2. Slow User Interface.
Another common problem faced by android users in Nigeria is related to the UI. UI stands for User interface. This is actually the screen ability to respond to your inputs. The user interface begins to slow down as your phone internal storage fills up.

How  To Solve Slow User Interface On Android Phones

Uninstall unused apps and pictures or quickly move them to an external storage

Delete app cache
Limit or avoid the use of live wallpapers

How to Delete App Cache: Settings>Apps. now select the app and then Clear Cache memory.

you can also install "App Cache Cleaner and clean Master to help you clear your cache automatically

3. Bluetooth Won't Connect
Another problem is connecting with other devices via bluetooth, wifi (Specially xender and flash share)

How To Solve Bluetooth Connectivity Issue On Android

Quickly switch on the Airplane mode and flip it Off after 20 seconds and then try to power the Bluetooth on again.

If the issue persists, then you may need to repair Wi-fi network again.

4. OverHeating
In Nigeria, smartphones from Infinix, Techno, Samsung and LG are known for their ability to get warm as they  are being used.

How To Stop Your Android Device From Over Heating

Try as much as you can to avoid using your phone while it is charging.

Do not use apps with high Affinity for CPU (Eg Facebook, 3D Games, etc) for long period of time.

As you begin to notice an increase in temperature, give your device a break. Go watch TV or Play some physical game.

5. Apps Keeps Crashing
This can be really annoying especially when you're on the phone with A lover or a dear friend and the app (Whatsapp, IMO, etc) suddenly goes blank.

How To Stop Android Apps From Crashing

Update the app on google play store

Force close the App by swiping is away in the multitask menu

Relaunch the app and continue

6 Kids Use Your Device for Games

Well, there are many things a kid can play with, but my phone? No! I simply install a code a pin code only known to me and ensure they're never around when you're about to unlock the device else they hack you with their eyes - lol.

7. Turbo Charge Doesn't Work

This is peobably for infinix, techno and Gionee users, but here are a few things you should do.

Check that you're using the original cord or charger.
Turbo charge for some devices would stop at exactly 78% in order to avoid over heating. so do not panic when you experience a sudden stop.

Ensure your device is Turbo charge compatible
That's all about the many common problems faced by android users in Nigeria.

Please suggest other issues you may have observed with your android device and how you solved it as this could help someone out there



    1. Anytime you start noticing this, do a memory revamp. Clear cache on apps, clear app data and reset your phone if need be