Security: Reasons Why You'll Need A Passcode And PinCode For Your Phone And Sim Card As A Nigerian

Your Sim Card, your phone, your Facebook and your online banking details all linked on one device. Yet, your phone has no screen lock or passcode, your simcard has no pin request activated in this 21st century...

Forget, if I want to have access to your bank, Facebook, email, I just have to lay my hands on your Sim and then do some trial and error on your social media accounts, online banking platforms, emails, etc and they'll all be mine.

If you had a security code in the phone, pin code request on The sim, then I'll find it hard getting access.

When your sim is open, I can request a new password to your mail, Facebook, I can request a reset code to your firstMonie App and do Abracadabra on your social media accounts.

To stop this, install a pin code today, activate Passcode on your devices and if possible, use devices with biometric security module in place.

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The world is going digital, Advance with it.

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