iPhone X: Top 10 Features You'll Love

iphone x features

iPhone X is yet another mind blowing smartphone from the stables of Apple Inc. The device is indeed technologically endowed as its got features that would have you fall in love with it. Launching October 2017, buyers have been asked to expect the device delivered to them by November 2017.

The Device is currently prized $1,000 and i think its worth the prize especially as its got some key features as i have listed below.

1. Infrared Face Detection: With this feature, you can unlock your device even when it's so dark at night. This means the background won't matter unlike what we have in Android face unlock where the background must match.

infrared face detection on iphone x

2. Facial  Recognition: This is one interesting feature on iPhone x especially as it can be used to improve security for the device. Face recognition can be used to unlock the device, used as password and Authentication while using Apple Pay.

3. Face ID: This means your face would be used as password with which you can unlock, authenticate and make transactions. All you need is scan your face and your payment would be made.

animoji feature on iphone x

4. Animoji: The Animoji is a feature that reveals your inner panda, Pig or Robot. Its done with the help of the TrueDepth Camera which analyzes more than 50 different muscle movements to mirror your expressions in 12 Animoji.

5. Improved Cameras: The 12MP sensor is unusually larger than what we had before. The pixels are deeper, this only means a better picture quality for you.

6: iPhone X is Super Human: With the introduction if A11 Bionic Engine, iPhone X is therefore the most powerful smartphone in the world as its capable of over 600 Billion operations per second.

7. Adaptive Recognition: As a Nigerian, sometimes after the day work under the sun, I may get home and realize my skin color changed a bit as a result if exposure to direct sunlight, but iPhone x would adapt to this. It simply means I'll still be able to log on to my phone, authenticate a payment via apple Pay without stress.

8. Wireless Charging: This device actually has no Charger. It charges wireless. This simply means you'll never have to carry cords around to charge the device.

charging feature in iphone x

9. Its Not For Everyone: This is the most excellent part of the phone I love so much. Its not for everyone. As for me, I'll love to handle this device someday, but that of course would be if Apple decides to give me one for free.

Its an expensive device but its worth the price because as you have seen, there are a lot if technology in play when it comes to iPhone X.

Technology is never cheap. Its not for everyone.

10. iPhone x Is All Screen
iPhone X Actually has no home button, this is because the screen design stole all that away. To get to home screen, you'll have to swip the screen up from the lowest part of the screen.
This is another interesting feature about iPhone x and i think i really would use this device in my dreams someday. lol

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