Biometric Security For Android And Apple Devices, My Opinion!

For Android, iPhone and other smartphones, biometric security is one of the beat technologies that's ever been invented by manufacturers, but here is one thing I found out about biometric security and my recommendation.
Its all about my fingerprint being scanned on the sensor in order to unlock the device, view pictures and other operations right?

Now on several occasions, I'll leave my phone on the bed and probably fall asleep as a result of my busy nights only to wake up and discover the phone is hot, I'll also discover the angle I dropped it is not the same angel I'll meet it which implies someone, probably my girlfriend, stubborn siblings or mum must have used it while I was asleep.

All they'll need is to swipe my finger against the sensor and in seconds, they'll have a full access to the device. Even when you set the biometric security as Tue only means to access apps, gallery and other important aspects of the phone, including Apple ID, all that'll be required is to sit close to where you're lying down and just swipe your finger against the sensor and tada! Your secrets are on the open.
Studies have shown that Uncles and aunties would wake up only to discover their battery has shifted from 85% to about 45% because the young chaps were silently playing games while aunty was fast asleep.

What Can Be Done About the Biometric Security On Anndroif?

If you can, have the Biometric security active only when you're alive and awake.
Create a password ( a combination of Numbers and Alphabets) with which you'll lock your device whenever you want to sleep.
Turn off the biometric security or limit its access to your phone. Grant full access only when you're alive and awake.
Recommendation to SmartPhone Manufacturers.
Please create a kind of timer that allows our devices automatically deactivate Biometric security at whatever time we specify as our bed time.
Create a 2 way authentication for the biometric security which would require a special code even when the owner swipes his/her finger across the sensor. This means even when the kid swipes my finger against the sensor, he'll also need a password which would only be known to me in order to gain access to the phone.
Instead of Biometric security, include retina recognition module s that'll only function with the owner's eyeballs. This means the child or bypassed would need to open my eyeballs to have access to my phone and I know I'll be waking up with a very huge Knock on their head.
These are my suggestions though. Not really saying that Biometric Security is useless, I'm only saying more upgrades should be implemented and I'm hopeful our new Devices and Android, iOS OS would have these to offer.
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